No really, who are you? I forget people names all the time. It can be a bit embarrassing at time, but it is a fact of my life these days. I meet lots of people at networking events and I always feel bad if I don’t remember their name. I am most grateful for people who wear nametags for this reason.

Here’s something I recently read about nametags from Scott Ginsberg, a professional speaker. I hope this helps you gain a new perspective on the value of wearing an nametag the next time you attend a networking function.

I’ve heard every possible complaint about wearing nametags, and all of them can be validated. Case in point:

  • Nametags look silly – yes, they do. But remember, everyone else is wearing them too.
  • Nametags ruin my clothes – not if you wear them on the edge of your lapel or use cloth-safe connectors like lanyards and plastic clips.
  • But I already know everybody – no you don’t. You may think you do, but new people come in and out of businesses and organizations all the time.
  • But everyone already knows me – no they don’t. Even the best networkers know there’s always someone new to meet.

Your nametag is your best friend for several reasons. First of all, a person’s name is the single context of human memory most forgotten. And people are less likely to approach you if they don’t know (or forgot) your name. Secondly, it’s free advertising for you and your company. Third, nametags encourage people to be friendly and more approachable. TRUST me on that one!


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