I recently read an article about knowing who your ideal client is. The article asked some key questions that help people identify their audience. Many of my clients struggle with this. Either their description is too broad or they have missed the mark in some way. When working with clients at 30 Second Success it is important to identify who their target market is and where to find them.

Do you know who your ideal client is? Do you know where to find them? It is important to be very specific when identifying your target market. If you want to work with a specific demographic in a certain region or city you wouldn’t want to network with a different group of people in another state if that’s not where you want to do business. In the same sense when thinking nationally or globally you don’t want to confine yourself to one specific region, you need to increase your reach and your connections.

Here are some questions to help you identify who you want to work with:

  1. Who is your best client?
  2. Who needs or wants your services?
  3. Where do they do business? (Chambers, Networking Events, Church, Fundraisers, etc.)
  4. What might some of their interests be? (This is very important when looking for service oriented people.)
  5. Who do they know? (Think beyond our audience to their connections.)

Defining your ideal client and where to find them is your first step. Take some time to brainstorm these questions. Work with a friend or mentor who knows what you do and ask them who they think your ideal client is, sometimes other people come up with great suggestions that we never even thought of.

Get out there and network, connect with your ideal clients, get to know them and help them get to know you by showing up, inviting them to coffee, and building those relationships. If want to take a deeper dived into identifying and connecting with your ideal clients check out our Finding Your Ideal Client course. today


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