Life sure changes fast around here! Who knew that social distancing would not only change how we do business and school, but how we connect with the people that mean the most. We find ways to stay connected even when COVID-19 is forcing us to be socially distant. Amazing shifts in the way we think and do, impact the future for many.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve watched as people have come to grips with using Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Goggle Duo to reach out and make the best of this time. My parents who are in their 70’s are visiting and playing card games with family and friends using Google Duo. Wonders never cease! We truly are blessed to have technology to keep us connected, especially when connection is what we crave in a crisis.

What are you doing to connect with folks? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been spending a lot of time catching up with people over virtual coffee. I am totally blown away by how many people are tapping into their creativity and offering new and unique products that will support their clients right now. The interesting thing is how people are viewing this as an opportunity to pivot within their businesses.

I’ve even launched a new project focused on interviewing my network to highlight their stories and how networking has helped them with their businesses and careers. This new project is all about highlighting people in my network, some I’ve known for years and some for only a few weeks. The value these folks are delivering is blowing my mind. They each have something special and unique to share about networking and connecting, and even though I’ve written the book on networking I feel like I am learning something new from each and every one of them. These are great conversations I just know you are going to enjoy!

Recently I’ve had the privilege of working with clients on success strategy and I’m very excited about the shifts many are making. Some are slight shifts, some are slightly bigger, ALL are visionary changes in their uniqueness. I love working with entrepreneurs and professionals who are willing to look at the big picture by explore what they want for themselves and those they serve and helping them step into doing the work and putting themselves out there.

I am currently offering 45-minute Strategy Sessions at special COVID-19 pricing, $90.00 per session ($150.00 value). Strategy sessions are focused on helping you move forward with some quick, easy to implement strategies that you’ll receive in writing following our meeting. Sometimes implementing change is just a matter of bouncing ideas around with someone like me who can help you figure out where to start and I am happy to do that for you. Schedule a Strategy Session today.

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