Yep, I did it, I deleted my entire blog from my website. No I did not do it on purpose, I hit a button and was not paying attention and “POOF” gone. My first response, undo. No luck. My second, call my website host who promptly told me they could not restore what I had deleted. They were able to get me an image of a screen capture from Google, but that was it. YIKES!

Lucky for me I have Word documents of almost all of my blogs and most have a date attached to them as to when they were posted so I was able to rebuild my blog page, blog by blog. It only took me three hours, hours of my life I will never get back, hours of my life I could have been doing something else. But it had to be done and now I know to pay a little more attention to that little button at the top right of my blog when in edit mode.

If you blog, which your definitely should, be sure to save your blogs in a text file. It helps to save the photos with some sort of identifier as to which blog you’ve used it for. If you are familiar with my blog, you might notice some new photos or some are no longer connected to the blog they used to be. I did not follow my own advice about saving the phots in the word doc, but you can bet I will going forward.


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