Wear your brand for increased brand recognition. Brand recognition is the extent to which a consumer can correctly identify a product or service just by viewing the product or service’s logo, tagline, packaging or advertising campaign. Creating your company name and logo are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to creating your brand recognition.

You’ve got to share and wear your brand to become memorable.

Marketing materials are a great place to start but they are not the only place for you to wear your brand logo, colors, images, and ideals. You have lots of other real estate to explore when it comes to sharing your brand and creating that recognition.

A catchy name is a great place to start but becoming memorable takes effort and creativity. Here are 10 ways to wear your brand.

  1. A nametag with your name, company logo, and tagline on it is an inexpensive investment that speaks volumes. This small investment shows that you are serious about your business and they are much more professional looking than those sticky labels you receive at most events.
  2. Wear your company colors. Yes, wear them! My company colors are Navy, Green, & Coral. You’ve seen my photos, I bet you always know it’s me when you see my headshot with my coral jacket even if you don’t see my name.
  3. Add your logo, tagline, and image to your high-quality business cards. Always have them in your pocket to share when networking. Business cards are the most inexpensive advertising material you can invest in with the highest impact, share them generously.
  4. Carry a tote bag? Have one made in your company colors and add your logo or tagline to it.
  5. Carry a notebook? Same rules apply…pick them out in your company colors or have several made in your company colors and add your logo and tagline to them.
  6. Carry a pen? Same rules apply…pick them out in your company colors or have several made in your company colors and add your logo and tagline to them.
  7. Logo wear. If you have a business that it suitable to logo wear, go for it! T-shirts, polo shirt, dress shirts, jackets, etc. all types of clothing can be custom made with your logo on it these days. Be sure to invest in quality products that wear well.
  8. What about your car? If you drive a lot, you have a rolling billboard at your disposal. Decals or magnetic door signs are a great way to go.
  9. Wear your company colors for your headshots and branding photos for your website. The last time I had mine done we worked on a few creative shots to add my clock to. Get creative, show your fun side, show your excitement for your business, show you…it’s who your clients really want to see.
  10. Marketing materials, keep them simple and easy to share. They need to be branded with your company colors, your logo, and your message. What do you want people to know about you? Think simple, think memorable, think lasting impression. You want people to remember that piece long after they’ve thrown it away.

As you can see from this list, your brand is highly wearable. Wear your brand and increase your brand recognition, become memorable!

Here’s a bonus for your brand recognition:

Website, social media, marketing material, and you…are they all sharing the same message? Your message is a huge part of your brand. Does it carry through? Are you making the connection with your ideal client with your message online and off? Your message needs to be easy for others to remember.

Your message matters. What you share with your audience makes an impression and it needs to be lasting and memorable. You want people to remember your message when they see your logo, when they see your face, and when someone needs your services.

At 30 Second Success we help you craft your message that resonates with your audience and drives business to your door. If your ready to make an impact with your brand message, schedule a call today or check out our online courses.




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