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A few years ago, my husband asked me about a particular group of amazing people in my life that I refer to as “friends”. He asked me to define what makes them friends as opposed to just being business connections (which I certainly have a lot of).

I am certain that I gave him a long-winded explanation (he teases me about my inability to keep explanations to 30-seconds) that satisfied his curiosity. The interesting that I discovered in doing so, is that I have come to learn that his question helped me put these relationships into perspective.

These “friends” are the people who get me where I am, help to elevate me in a new direction, act as a mirror helping me see myself in a different light, and support me when I feel like I am on the Mad Hatter’s Teacup ride.

They are gentle and wise, they support me in my crazy, and celebrate my awesome. They listen to my heart and hear my truth. They also call me out when I am holding back and try to keep playing small in an effort to protect myself. These are friends and they are mentors, they are “friendtors”. They come and they go. Some are here for now and some are here for life.

Everyone needs a group of friendtors! Do you have yours? Are you in need of a group of friendtors?

I’m here for you and I looking forward to becoming one of your friendtors!


Join a circle of like-minded consultants, coaches and service providers stepping into a growth mindset and supporting one another in business development and goal-oriented growth through accountability and action.

If you are in the midst of an evolution in your business, if you are up-leveling your services and offerings, if you are looking to attract clients with a success mentality and create stability in your income and growth…then I believe you are ready and you should believe it too!

Your commitment to participating in this group, being accountable to the members and to yourself, is paramount to your success.

We have created a sacred circle of trust where you will be supported in reaching the goals you identify for yourself. We will celebrate together as you progress through every action step you take to get you to your goals.

In return, you are asked to commit to blocking out your calendar for your weekly meeting and for doing the deep work necessary to get you to your goals.

The world is waiting for your brilliance…it’s time for you to own it and share it!

Let’s do this together. We’ve got you!

Monthly schedule:

2 Monthly 2-Hour Mastermind Sessions where you’ll share wins to be celebrated, ask for and receive feedback for challenges, commit to planned action for accountability, and celebrate, support, and provide feedback for other members.

60-minute Deep Dive Coaching & Strategy Session with Laura Templeton to work on what you feel you need the most help with when it comes to your communications and connections for business growth (look for the calendar invitation in your welcome email)

1 Monthly 60-Minute Expert Training Session with Q&A with experts who will provide advice and insights based on the needs of the group. (We have experts in marketing, social media, sales strategy, LinkedIn, and other areas of business and professional development waiting to assist you on your journey as part of this program at no additional cost.)

Exclusive Anytime Access to the 30 Second Success Mastermind Community (look for the Facebook group invitation in your welcome email)

2 Amazing Bonuses:

1 Monthly 60-Minute Connection Building Virtual Coffee Chat Sessions – open to members to invite guests to expand your connections, improve your connecting skills, and grow your business beyond the group

Full access to all Three 30 Second Success Online Courses: Finding your Ideal Client, Crafting Your 30 Second Message, and Mastering Your Networking plus the personal coaching you’ll receive on these topic

AND... A Give Back Promise:

As you work through your measurable activities that move you toward weekly/monthly goals, you will be rewarded for hitting your goals.

That’s right…when you hit your tangible action driven goals that are measurable and meaningful, goals that you set for yourself in agreement with the group, I will give back $100 of your investment every month that you achieve your goals.

You will receive a check within 30 days of the completion of our 6 months together with $100 for each month you make your goals. What you do with that check is totally up to you.

Investment Options with a 6 Month Commitment:
$3000 one-time payment 

$600 per month for 6 months

My promise to you

JOIN NOW and you’ll be locked in at this investment when you choose to stay with your circle beyond your 6 months. (New Spring 2023 circles will launch at $5000 for 6 months.)

Weekly Meeting Date/Time:
Thursdays 3:00 – 5:00pm Eastern Time

8 seats max. If this time does not work with your schedule, schedule a call to discuss alternate options.

 One more promise…

30 Day Full Refund if you are not completely satisfied with your results in your first month.

  • The trust and encouragement in this mastermind group is fantastic. We hold each other accountable and help one another through blocks. No more making excuses! In the 8 months since I've been a part of this group, I've launched three courses, hosted two webinars and grown the client side portion of my business.

    Jen Phillips April, Write Words Marketing

  • As part of a mastermind group led by Laura Templeton, I have found that I have a safe place to get help with my business problems. With her clear direction and insight and her ability to see the bigger picture, I have been able to get over those hurdles. Her feedback, encouragement, and willingness to call me on my excuses have helped me move forward to grow my business. The accountability piece has been the essential part to keep me on track.

  • As part of a mastermind group led by Laura Templeton, I have found Laura to be an excellent leader, giving each of us the time and attention we need to get resolution, input, direction and focus on our business. With her clear direction and insight and her ability to see the bigger picture I have gained so much confidence!

    Her feedback, encouragement, and willingness to call me on my excuses has helped me stay focused on MY business and MY needs so I can in turn give my clients the best of myself. The accountability piece has been priceless because I need someone to kick my a$* on a regular basis! Most of all, I trust her--she will not steer you wrong!

    Steph Sides, Social Chicy

  • Laura’s mastermind sessions have been terrific. She is quick to get to the core of what I need, asking probing questions and knowing when to push me to stretch myself whether it is business development or personal growth.

  • I'm currently a member of a mastermind group led by Laura Templeton and I can't say enough good things about her and the group. Laura picked a diverse group of professionals who complement each other, mesh well together (so important for this type of professional relationship) and bring a whole lot of experience to the table.

    Laura leads the group with clear direction, valuable feedback and encouragement. She also calls us out on our excuses and holds us accountable for the goals we set for ourselves. These have been valuable lessons that have helped me grow as a solo business owner and get clarity on how to maintain and grow my business.

    I look forward to every meeting, to share my wins and bring my challenges to the table. Knowing that I'm not alone in this, knowing that the group is there for me to tap into their brilliance, helping me conquer challenges big and small, and knowing they've got my back has been priceless. I highly recommend Laura's mastermind group for any professional who feels they need some help in upping their game.

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