Recently I was invited to be a guest on a Blab call with Jamie Broderick of Network Now to talk about sponsorship and publicity. Jamie does an incredible job of helping her members jump into technology that they wouldn’t normally try if it weren’t for her encouragement. A few weeks ago I got on my very first Blab and it went really well, but this time…not so much. I tried to get in through Explorer and it redirected me to Firefox or Chrome. I jumped on Firefox, it booted me off every time Jamie tried to add me to the call, so I jumped on Chrome (after doing a quick download) and it kicked me off of there too. I even tried to download an app for my Windows phone, none available. Really!!

Luckily Jamie, who handled all of this with patience and grace, invited James Lucas of Grape Cat to join the call. James, who gains exposure by sponsoring Network Now events, did an amazing job. After about 10 minutes of trying to get me on the live screen Jamie started the recording and I joined the chat. I was able to type in responses to Jamie’s questions but for some reason I could not get connected. It actually went really well and I am so glad Jamie did such a great job. I now know what to do if I am ever the host and that happens with one of my guests. Here are a few tips that might make your techno challenge a little easier to handle:

– Know what search engine is supported by the app you are using. (I could login with Explorer, but was directed to use Firefox or Chrome to view the call.)

– Make sure you have a strong internet signal. (Not sure if this was the problem but could have been. I was working from a different location than last time.)

– Test the app prior to the call. Set up an unpublished Blab and ask a friend to help you test it by inviting just them to the session.

– Have a backup plan (a tablet or a phone with the app would have really come in handy.)

– Make sure your audio is working correctly, you need to complete the setup ahead of time. (Bought a new microphone for this session so I would not need my big headphones.)

– Be ready for anything. Things happen when it comes to technology.

After that session I was ready to run out and buy a new phone and a new computer, but I asked my tech guy for help instead. We ran some Windows 10 updates that seem to have been the issue. Testing it again today! Technology is a wonderful thing and can help enhance your business as you grow with it. If you need help, get it, but don’t give up.

Check out the Blab Training Jamie offered just before the call on April 13th


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