I recently had the honor of being invited to visit the WFYL AM radio station for a quick on air interview. When I arrived one of the things I noticed was this great list of “Studio Recording Suggestions” while on air. As I reviewed this list I realized how much it relates to the things we all need to know when presenting ourselves whenever we have an opportunity to speak publicly or on video as well. Here’s the version I will be sharing with clients going forward.

  • SILENCE CELL PHONE(S) – For both the speaker and the listener cell phones can be very distracting, even a vibrating pocket draws attention. I personally recommend turning them off altogether.
  • REMOVE HEAVY JACKETS. THEY ARE VERY NOISY. – Noisy clothing can be very distracting, especially if you are as animated as I am when you speak.
  • REMOVE LOOSE WRIST JEWLERY. IT MAKES NOISE. – Unless you sell jewelry for a living and want people to notice your jewels, removing the jingle keeps folks from being distracted while you speak.
  • DO NOT ADJUST OR TOUCH THE MIC WHEN IT IS “HOT”. IT WILL CREATE NOISE. – This is especially important to keep in mind when presenting online and or recording a video. Once it is set up, don’t mess with it once you go live. It is less distracting to your audience if you are a little crooked on camera than to keep adjusting it, your message is what matters.
  • DO NOT WHISPER-MICS WILL CARRY EVEN THE SLIGHTEST SOUND. – This really applies to an interview or if there are people off set. External noise carries.
  • AVOID SHUFFLING PAPERS. – This is obvious as to why. Nervous habits make us fidget with papers in front of us. Relax or fold your hands.
  • DO NOT CLICK PENS. – For the same reason as shuffling papers.
  • AVOID THUMPING THE DESK TO MAKE POINTS. – Banging the desk can upset recording equipment. Try clapping your hands or snapping your fingers to make a point.
  • AVOID CHEWING GUM OR FOOD. – It just doesn’t sound or look good! My momma always taught me it wasn’t polite to speak with my mouth full!
  • SPEAK DIRECTLY INTO THE MICROPHONE. – Present a clear message for all to hear.
  • IF YOU TURN TO LOOK AT SOMEONE, KEEP YOUR MOUTH NEAR THE MIC. – This keeps volume levels from dropping and helps your message get out there.
  • TRY TO MINIMIZE “UM’S, UH’S, AND YOU-KNOWS” IF POSSIBLE. – You message will be much more clear and concise if you eliminate these distracting words. You will appear more confident and practiced as well.
  • REMEMBER TO GIVE CONTACT INFORMATION TO YOUR LISTENERS. – Who are you and where can you be found. Tell your audience what you want them to do with that information.
  • WHEN SEGMENT ENDS, MAKE NO NOISE UNTIL MICS HAVE BEEN TURNED DOWN. – This is especially true when recording. With video be sure to finish with a smile and hold your position for about 30 seconds allowing the camera time to cut away.

Following these recommendations will insure a more professional presentation when speaking to a group, a microphone, or to a camera. The more you follow these tips the more professional you will appear and the less editing you will need.

At 30 Second Success we help people prepare for presentations. If you would like more information about creating and presenting a better message, contact us at http://30SecondSuccess.com/contact-us


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