Recently the 10 essential principles of business networking were posted to the 30SecondsGo! Blog. So far we shared details about #1 Elevator Speech, #2 Be Different, and #3 Be a Giver. This week we are sharing more about principle #4 Keep Your Integrity

4. keep your integrity – build trust and reputation

ALWAYS keep your integrity…it’s who you are!

People do business with people they know like and trust. Significantly, integrity is vital for trust to develop. Trust is simply not possible without integrity. Building trust is essential for growing a strong business network.

Certain connections are absolutely impossible to make until a very high level of trust is established. Empathy and effective listening greatly assist the process of building trust. These qualities require you to be genuinely interested in others; to listen properly, and to reflect back meaningfully and helpfully.

Following up and showing up are also vital features of building trust and reputation. You will probably know a few very solid people who always keep their commitments, and who never make a commitment which they cannot keep. Aim to be like this.

Reliability and dependability are highly valued qualities in relationships, especially relationships involving referrals and recommendations, because someone’s reputation is at stake. The words ‘reliable’ and ‘dependable’ do not mean that you are always available to everyone. These words mean simply that when you say you will do something you will do it.

Coaching and connecting people is part of how we support our clients at 30 Second Success. We work closely with clients to create a clear, concise message that connects with confidence. The ability to convert contacts into clients through your messaging is powerful. We help you take those opportunities to share your elevator speech and turn them into one-on-one meetings where trust and relationships start to form. Call today for more information 215.801.6750


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