Recently the 10 essential principles of business networking were posted to the 30SecondsGo! Blog. Last week we shared details about #1 Elevator Speech which got a lot of attention. This week we are sharing more about principle #2 Be Different.

2. be different and ambitious

Refine your offering so that it is strongly differentiated from what is already available in the market-place. If there is no special difference between you and other providers, then people have no compelling reason to choose to work with you.

Look again at how you describe your business offering (or yourself as a person) – what’s different or special about it (or you) compared with all the others? If there is no difference, you must find a way to create one. Sometimes this is merely a matter of redefining or placing different emphasis on what you already are and already do.

This difference must be something that your ideal client will find appealing; ideally irresistible. If you are struggling to find a difference or market advantage, look at your competitors and talk to your customers, and discover what’s missing and what can be dramatically improved. What do you offer that is unique to you, that sets you apart?

This difference needs to shine out in your elevator speech, and be echoed in your subsequent discussions whenever initial interest develops towards supplying something, or putting a collaborative project together. Aim high and big when thinking about and expressing yourself. Be realistic of course, but aim to be the best and to lead in some way, in whatever specialty and market-place you operate.

Your aims should also suggest what you are seeking from business networking – otherwise, there’s no reason for you to be networking. Business networking is not simply finding customers in one-to-one meetings and connections; it’s building a strong network.

Accordingly project yourself as a great networker, as well as being a great supplier or specialist. Business networkers want to work with other networkers who aim high, who have great ambitions; people who see what can be, not merely what is; and who strive for change and improvement.

These attitudes make things happen. When you meet like-minded networkers with these attitudes, your network will grow because they’ll see you can make things happen too.

At 30 Second Success we help people understand the value of networking and offer strategies and coaching on becoming better networkers. We work closely with clients to create a clear, concise message that is shared with confidence. Our aim is to help clients become successful networkers, we strive to help you gain more clients and connections that will serve you and your community. Call today for more information 215.801.6750


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