Take the negative out of your talk. Sometimes when I’m at networking events connecting with people I am surprised when they tell me what they don’t do, they tell me what their competition doesn’t do, or worse yet they complain about other people. Sometimes people don’t even realize they are doing this. Unfortunately, when you go to the negative side of life people view you differently, they form a negative opinion about you.

The moment that you voice your distaste for a certain situation, person, or environment all of the sudden it knocks you down a few notches in people’s eyes. You always want to be perceived as a positive encouraging person. A person that lifts other people up, a person that draws other people in because they are positive, encouraging, and hopeful. People really are looking for that type of personality in the people they connect with, that they refer, and that they do business with.

Who wants to hang around people that complain all the time? If you are looking at your business and finding that you are struggling, that your clients have stopped calling, and that you’re not attracting any new clients maybe it’s time to look at your attitude and the attitude of your team. If you are expressing that you are having a difficult time, that business is really hard, or that you are down on your luck unfortunately this has a negative impact on your business.

It’s time to get positive! It’s time to turn things around. You need to bring that positive energy, that positive thinking, and positive talk into your attitude. Try replacing your negative talk with positive encouraging talk. Make an effort to help other people connect, share your positive experiences with other, let people know what you like about networking and the people in your group. Trust me a positive attitude will bring more attention to your business and help you grow. Try it!


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