People often wonder how to take their networking to the next level, setting an appointment with the people you want to get to know, to build a relationship with, or to develop a referral partnership with. Many people like the direct approach, just ask for the appointment. Yes, it is as simple as that.

During your networking take notes and get to know the people in the room. Identify the people that you want to set appointments and why. Note who they are and their company along with your reason for connecting…to learn more about their business, to offer them your services for a need they may have mentioned, or to develop a referral partnership that will benefit both of you.

After the meeting approach them before they leave and ask for the appointment. If you miss the opportunity to connect with them directly after the meeting get their business card or get their contact information from the event host and call them within the following 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

Be sure to keep your appointment and take notes about the other person. Note their likes and dislikes, their business and networking goals, the contacts and networking opportunities that they mention, and any other pertinent information that will help you connect with them on a regular basis as you develop a relationship. Ask lots of questions, listen, and take notes.

Follow up within 24 hours on any information that you promised to provide. Keeping your word goes a long way to building credibility in your relationship. If you want to continue building a relationship be sure to schedule your next conversation before leaving your appointment.

Make it a goal to schedule a minimum of two appointments after each networking event and watch your network and your business grow. Simply asking for the appointment, that’s the way to get there.


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