“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J. Meyer

Ah, November. That glorious time of the year when the holiday season kicks off and life really seems to pull you in a thousand directions.

It’s natural to think, ‘There are two more months left in the year. I can get so much done in my business!’ Immediately followed by, ‘Well, it would be nice to let my foot off the gas, even just a little. How bad would it really be to coast during these next couple of months?

I’m here to tell you that just because people may be taking time off during the holiday season doesn’t mean they’re not paying attention to business, whether to their own or to other businesses. November is the time to continue communicating. Communicating with your valued clients or customers, with your prospects, with your network and with your audience.

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It’s about staying the course, continuing to show up fully and continuing to offer value in your communications. Your consistency is critical and it matters. People continue to have pain points that need relief, and they continue to search for companies that offer products and/or services just like yours. Even if they wait until January to move forward with you, your consistent communication is the key to planting the seed and leaving an unforgettable impression in the minds of your audience.

Consider tailoring your communications with a holiday theme! Your strategic communications plan can have a wonderfully festive energy in keeping with the holiday spirit. You’re getting your message out there while keeping in step with this most special time of year.

Another vital point to consider is that if you remain consistent with your communications throughout the holiday season, it will be that much easier for you to kick off the new year. Not only will you already be in the solid habit of showing up on a regular basis, but you’ll also have greater opportunities with your prospective clients because you haven’t fallen off their radar.

Here are some additional key reasons why you need to stay in front of your clients during the holiday season:

  •     Your clients shop online. Like most businesses, if you offer products or services online, this is an excellent opportunity to help people with their shopping list. Just think about how you can make someone’s life easier during this hectic season.
  •     You’re reminding your clients and audience of the value that your company provides. It’s common knowledge that it takes at least seven or eight touches with your prospect before they make a buying decision. Stay in front of them and remind them of exactly who you are and what you do.
  •     People may forget about you otherwise. People get used to seeing you in their inbox and on social media. They enjoy hearing from you. If you suddenly disappear, there’s a danger that people may think you’re inconsistent in your business overall. They’ll wonder when they can expect to hear from you again. And this means your brand can suffer.
  •     Momentum is king for you as a business owner. Starting and stopping an activity can seriously derail your focus and energy. It’s much easier to stay in flow with an activity than it is to gain momentum and then lose it all. Starting back up again will feel like even more of a chore. Consider using a scheduler to post your content in advance so that you can take time off without any guilt.
  •     The holidays are a time of reflection and further planning for the new year. Most business owners began their 2023 planning back in September. Now’s a key time to wrap up any unfinished plans so they can move forward into the new year with a solid plan in place. They may factor your products and services into their budgets for next year. 
  •     When you consistently communicate, you’re increasing your chances of lead generation. It’s imperative that you maintain your marketing schedule so that you up your chances of having a full roster of happy clients.
  •     You’ll stay top of mind. By regularly showing up in social media feeds and sending out newsletters, you’re helping your network to remember you and the tremendous value that you bring. They will instantly think of you for introductions and referrals to others.

These are just some of the many crucial reasons why you need to continue communicating throughout the remainder of the year. Your business’s success is tied to how you show up and how often. Above all, remember to inject fun into your communications and embrace this spirited time of year! What plans do you have for your communications during the holiday season? How are you staying in front of your clients, prospects, and network? We invite you to share with us your strategy for maintaining your momentum with your audience!

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