Shakes and quakes are direct result of your effort at Barre’3. Are you willing to stick with it through the shakes and quakes to get the results you want?

I absolutely love Barre’3 classes! The challenge, the drive, the commitment, and the steady progress are all part of the experience. This morning while working through the shakes and quakes I realized how much the 3 steps of Barre’3 represent the way we approach business at different stages.


We begin each posture with a hold to ensure alignment is correct and muscles are firing before we move. Holding strengthens muscles continuously – an efficient way to change the body.

Holding works muscles to the point of fatigue more quickly than running or other high-impact activities with less impact on the joints. Holding tones both large and small stabilizer muscles and increases strength and endurance.

During a hold you connect with your breath, allowing you to move mindfully, work deeper, and challenge yourself.

In business we see the same results from similar actions. As we HOLD our position we are bringing our business into alignment and strengthening our core. Building this foundation gives us the ability to increase our strength and endurance to go the distance with our business.

Holding can be considered the fundamental building blocks we put into place to stabilize our businesses. The systems that support us and allow us to build on our strengths and focus on the future with hope and anticipation.


Now that we have your muscles’ attention, we layer on small one-inch movements to transform the body one inch at a time. Small movements allow you to stay in the posture longer, working your muscles to the point of fatigue and recruiting your core muscles to stabilize the body. You may even experience barre3 “shakes and quakes,” a sign that muscles are becoming stronger.

Moving small targets focus areas, heats the body, and builds overall strength.

Once our foundation is firmly established we begin to incorporate SMALL MOVEMENTS, small changes that make a significant impact on how we effect change in the world around us. Small intentional movements that cause disruption or those “shakes and quakes” as we experience growth.

Shakes and quakes are the direct result of small intentional movements, a true sign that we are strengthening our position as a leader in our desired field. Don’t be afraid to shake it up, get uncomfortable and push yourself to the edge where you find those glorious shakes and quakes. Trust that you are making significant progress.


Now we transition into large-range movements to flush out the body and elevate your heart rate. Moving big brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, allowing you to work longer and burn more calories.

Dynamic movements mimic how we move in our daily lives, creating “functional strength.” By working the whole length of the muscle, you create a limber physique.

Moving big gets the heart rate up, builds body balance, feels great, and leaves you with more energy for the other 23 hours of your day.

BIG MOVEMENTS are the way to pump more oxygen into your business. With a strong core supported by the foundations we’ve built and the stability of consistency in daily efforts we can add big movements. These are intentional movements into the growth of our business.

Big movements allow us to work longer in business and brings about opportunities to try new things. Big movements stretch, strengthen and lengthen staying power and infuses business with energy.

Can you see the correlation, do you see how when applying the foundation of physical exercise to your business you experience similar results? To obtain results from exercise you must show up regularly and commit to consistent effort. Are you willing to show up with the same consistent effort for your business? Do you know what that effort looks like?

At 30 Second Success we help business owners establish their foundation and build upon it through our VIP Strategy Sessions. If you are interested in experiencing the growth your business deserves schedule a call today.

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