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A Special Message From Laura


“For years now my husband has wondered about all of these amazing women in my life that I refer to as my girlfriends. He often asks me to define what makes them girlfriends as opposed to just being business connections.

I am certain that I always come up with some long winded explanation that satisfies his curiosity. What I have also come to learn is that his questions help me put these relationships into perspective.

These are women who get me where I am, help to elevate me in a new direction, act as a mirror to help me see myself in a different light, and support me when I feel like I am on the Mad Hatter’s Teacup ride.

They are gentle and wise, they support me in my crazy, and celebrate my awesome. They listen to my heart and hear my truth. These women are friends, they are mentors, they are “friendtors”. They come and they go. Some are here for now and some are here for life. Everyone needs a group of friendtors!

Looking forward to becoming one of your friendtors,


The Success Mastermind Community

Get the support you need to grow your business and the accountability to help get you where you want to go with the “Success Mastermind Community”. Our online Success Mastermind groups are designed to support one another in business and in life. If you are ready to be a friendtor, then you’ve come to right place.

Registration opens twice a year. When open, those expressing interest will be invited to register for a 6 month commitment as it takes a little time to get into a rhythm. We need time to get to know one another and gain the trust of the group as we dig deeper into what’s truly holding you back and what you need to let go of or do more abundantly in order to grow.

We connect during two one hour group virtual calls via Zoom each month. During the first call we discuss wins, challenges, and commitments. During this call you will receive tips and advice from to the group to help you overcome your personal challenges. The second call will be a time to check in to see how the group is progressing and to discuss any immediate challenges.

You will also have access to our private Facebook “Success Mastermind Community.” Here you are invited to share your wins, ask questions, and connect with other friendtors in similar masterminds. These ladies get what it means to be a friendtor and will help you along the ways as well.

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