90 Day Success Strategy Program

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All too often coaches, consultants, and service providers come to us feeling a little overwhelmed or lost. They have a thriving business and lots of wonderful ideas for what’s next, but they just don’t know what to focus on or what to lead with when communicating with their network and potential clients.

Sometimes they feel stuck in the creation mode and aren’t sure what to do next to move forward.  Other times, they aren’t sure of what to move forward with. Together we get all of the ideas out in the open, identify what to lead with, and create a strategy and actionable steps to move you forward.

We begin with a half-day session to gain a deeper understanding of your business and create a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Together we create action steps to help you move forward and grow. We review where you are, discuss opportunities you may not have thought of, and business development ideas that may be a good fit for you to explore.

Through weekly calls we will continue to build a strong foundation for you to meet your short-term action oriented goals that lead to creating your long-term vision. Homework, reflection, and accountability are a big part of this program and help to solidify your progress.

During our time together, and once you have reached a clear understanding of your ideal client and the product or service you will provide or focus on, we will craft your 30 second brand message for networking. You will receive coaching on how to deliver your message along with networking tips and guidance to help you identify groups that will help you connect with your potential clients.

Mentoring calls will be scheduled in advance to ensure accountability and provide additional guidance as you begin to implement the strategies for your success.

If you’re ready to get out of your head and move into action, schedule a discovery call today.

  • Laura Templeton has been a help in so many ways. Most importantly, she has a great gift for being able to ask good questions that help you discover which path and direction would be best for you. Along with that she suggests really good starting points. First step, then next, etc. You walk away excited and encouraged that you now have knowledge and clarity about how to proceed. I'm thankful for how the Lord has used her in my life so effectively!

    Kim Kennedy, The Kmmr Group

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