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30 Second Video Message

At 30 Second Success we receive requests daily from clients just like you who understand the value of creating video content for their websites and social media. Get comfortable in front of the camera with the right message and guidance on how to connect on screen.

We help you develop and write a 30 second commercial script that resonates with your audience and helps you stand out from your competition. You become more than just a pretty face in a photo when you add the video element to your marketing and branding campaigns. At 30 Second Success we understand the need for people to connect with who you are by not just seeing you, but hearing the warmth and friendliness in your presentation.

You will come away from this experience with a clear, concise, confident message you can use in your videos and networking. (Recommendations for videographers available upon request.)

52 Topics for Facebook

Are you interested in producing Facebook Live messages as part of your content marketing strategy, but don’t know what to say or where to start? “52 Topics for Facebook” is a separate package we offer and is tailored for your business or industry. It’s amazing when someone else looks at your business and comes up with a list of topics that will spark curiosity in your audience!

We will work together to define your target audience, your personality, and the primary interest of your audience in order to create a comprehensive list of topics. We will discuss the ideas behind the topics and help you understand the simplicity of sharing your expertise in an informal setting such as Facebook Live. We will also discuss multiple ways to repurpose your videos and content for maximum exposure.

This list is truly designed to allow you to shine through in your expertise and to guide you in showing up with consistency. Additional presentation coaching is available as needed.

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