30 Second Message

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Need a clear, concise 30 second commercial you can deliver with confidence every time? Whether you are new to networking or a seasoned professional, having a “Go To” message isn’t always easy to write for yourself. At 30 Second Success you have options; we write it for you or teach you how to write it yourself.

In our individual coaching programs, we write it for you and give you the tools to change it up in the future. At the completion of your comprehensive 30 second commercial coaching program you will have a deeper understanding of your ideal client and where to find them, receive multiple commercials that are tailored to the networking events you attend, and gain the confidence that comes with having a solid practiced commercial that truly connects.

We have two distinct programs available. A program will be recommended for you based on your specific needs and your level of networking experience after our initial conversation. The goal is to ensure that you have an amazing commercial that truly connects with your audience every time and the skills to deliver it with confidence.

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