Group Training

Through live workshops and online courses for groups, we bring you the tools and training to help you improve your message, make better connections, and grow your business. Sales teams, industry associations, organizations, college students, professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs all benefit from learning who, how, and where to connect.

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Live Workshops

In our open and private live workshops we work with individuals, groups, and organizations who benefit from having a tailored 30 second message primarily for networking. Your message needs to engage your audience in a way that reflects your personality while creating curiosity and connection.

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Corporate Workshops

Turn your entire company into your sales force with a branded message everyone can deliver with the proper training. We work closely with you to create a message and then we train your team to deliver it in a clear concise comfortable way every time someone asks “So what do you do?”. We help you create a culture that has your entire company excited about sharing your message and we teach them how to do just that.

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