The Go-Giver Influencer by Bob Burg and John David Mann is by far one of the best little gems on my bookshelf right there next to The Go-Giver, one of my all time favorite books. A must read for you and everyone on your team!

Two days! It only took me two days to breeze through this powerful little life-changing gem and that is only because of business and family obligations. Trust me, this book was hard to put down.

I absolutely love how Burg and Mann continue to build on the concepts first introduced to us in The Go-Giver over a decade ago. With skills that you can easily implement from the moment you read them, this book offers a powerful shift in how we can approach every interaction from a purely unselfish perspective. Not easy to do for some and yet so simple when woven into this powerful story of two people both trying to get what they want.

The most profound statement I read in this book, aside from the outline of “The Five Secrets to Genuine Influence”, was “Winning in business is collaboration. The substance of collaboration is persuasion. The substance of persuasion in influence. Genuine influence.  Because of all this – negotiation, persuasion, solving problems, winning in business – ultimately, at it’s core, is all about influence. And the substance of influence is pull, not push.”

If you’re familiar with Burg and Mann’s work you will understand the thinking behind the substance of influence being pull. You will know that an effective influencer wants to influence others in a way that aligns with the other person’s goals leading to outcomes that genuinely benefit both parties rather than manipulations that only serve the influencer.

I highly recommend this book. It is entertaining, thought provoking, easily absorbed, and action oriented. It even has a great little twist at the end you will enjoy. Many thanks to Bob & John for your creative genius and your influence on the business world today. Keep up the good work gentleman! It is “my pleasure” 😉 to recommend and gift this book to others.


Two favorite quotes:

“When you’re not sure of what you want, look at what you have that you love, that gives you joy. Chances are excellent, what you want is more of that.

“Every one of us is a superhero, Jackson. Every one. It’s how we’re designed. Most of us just don’t realize it.”

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