Wow, it’s been a crazy week! Yes, last week I launched 2 programs. I recorded a few Facebook Lives and learned how to re-post those videos. Lots to do and lots to learn. It’s been a wild ride. But I love sharing what I learn with you. So, here goes.

What I learned from launching 2 programs at one time…people have a hard time deciding which one even though they will benefit from signing up for both. They think they have to choose even though the programs are so different, super beneficial, and extremely affordable being this is the first time they are being offered.

What I learned from promoting 2 different programs via Facebook Live…change your surrounding and your shirt. I recorded 2 messages on Monday morning. I did them in my office and wore the same black shirt. Even though the descriptions were very different, people thought they were the same video and only watched one.

What did I learn from launching 2 programs a week before they launch…you need more lead time to promote your events. The days go by super-fast once you jump in. Social media is awesome and so is networking for sharing your events, but you need to have a plan for promoting just as much as you need a plan for the actual events.

What did I learn from launching 2 different programs with a full calendar…you need to allow for follow up and phone calls. Nothing is more encouraging for people who need your services than a quick phone call with a personal invitation. Follow up with those folks who expressed interest and show them that they matter to you.

Time is on your side. You need time to build excitement about what you are doing and for people to hear about it enough times to realize this is something they don’t want to miss out on. Create that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) experience. Help them see that what you have to offer will change their life or business for the better. They are investing in themselves and their future.

Whether you are launching digital programs, creating an event, or inviting people to a class, I hope what I learned will help you as you prepare to launch and I wish you much success!

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