This month on the #30SecondsGo! blog and on Live in 30! we’ve shared insight into identifying, finding and educating your Power Partners. We’ve spent quite a bit of time breaking down and helping you understand the value Power Partners can bring to your business through referrals. Today we are going to talk about their support for your business and for you personally, but first a quick recap.

  1. Identifying your Power Partners is all about coming up with a list of those businesses that serve your same clients.
  2. Finding your Power Partners is all about thinking of who you know from that list already or where you might find them through networking and asking other people.
  3. Educating your Power Partners is helping those on your list to understand the value of partnering for referrals and teaching them who and how to refer you.

We shared a lot more detail in Power Partners Part 1, 2, and 3. You can find these blogs and the videos on the #30SecondsGo! blog. If you haven’t seen them all, it might be time to catch up.

The final piece of the Power Partner series is all about support. For many business owners and entrepreneurs, we sometimes feel isolated and alone, or we feel that we need fresh eyes to look at a project or idea. That’s where Power Partners can make a huge impact on our lives, both professionally and personally.

When we take the time to build relationships with the people in our Power Circle, we often find that it goes well beyond business. We start to care and to confide in one another. People are not meant to be alone, we need people we can trust to help us grow and look at the big picture stuff. We need them to help us dream and see a bigger vision.

Here are some ways you can deepen your relationships and as you know it all begins with trust. Earning the trust of your Power Partners is vital to building the strong supportive relationships you need to grow professionally and personally.

  • Do what you say you will do. If you offered to make and introduction, do it. If you said you would call them to schedule a meeting, do it. If you said you would bring the donuts, do it.
  • Send articles of interest. When you get to know what interests them take the time to locate information that will be helpful to them both professionally as well as personally.
  • Invite them to networking events or conferences you are planning to attend. Invite them to a sporting event, a party, or a picnic. Include them in celebrations with family and friends.
  • Introduce them to family. Invite them to dinner with your spouses. Sometimes the best way to get to know someone on a personal level is by spending time with them around their family.
  • Hang out together. Find something that interests both of you and do it. If you both love the city, take a walk together. If you love golf, walk the course together.
  • Spend time traveling together to networking events, you’re both going anyway so go together.
  • Talk non-shop. Meet for coffee just to catch up and update one another on life outside of the office.
  • Look for opportunities to help them both personally and professionally. If they are moving, offer to help. If they are celebrating a graduation or wedding in their family, send a special care package to help get them through the day.

The point here is that Power Partners should be viewed as people who you will have in your life well beyond the point when you no longer own your business or have the same career, they become part of your family. Building trust by caring for them and taking that extra step to include them in your life is where it all begins.

At 30 Second Success we help people craft that 30 second message for networking and video that will attract people to you and help you find those people in your network that you want in your Power Circle. Attract your Power Partners and more clients with your words, schedule a call today.

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