Power Partners are an essential part of your network and growth for your business. In the last two weeks on the #30SecondsGo! blog and on Live in 30! we talked about Power Partners; who they are, why we need them, and how to find them.

Power Partners are critical to growing your business when you understand how to work, or partner, with one another. They are the people who serve the same clients as you. Understanding who they are and how to find them is a skill that will serve you well for years to come. You can find details about these skills in Part 1 and Part 2 of Power Partners on the #30SecondsGo! blog.

In this part 3 we address how to educate your Power Partners. Now you might be wondering “What do you mean, educate? Why do I need to educate them?” Well, perhaps like me when I first started networking, your Power Partners may not be very familiar with this term or how to be a good Power Partner for you and your services.

It may take a little work on your part to identify your Power Partners and bring them together to help them understand that you can do a lot of good in helping to grow one another’s businesses. Yes, identifying who they are is the first step to building a strategic group of people who will support one another.

Here are some simple steps to building your own personal group of Power Partners (or Power Circle):

  1. Make a list of what businesses serve the same clients as you.
  2. Connect with these people through networking and asking other people for introductions.
  3. Start to connect with these people on a regular basis.
  4. Get to know, like, and trust them. (If you don’t…find new people.)
  5. Spend time networking together.
  6. Spend time connecting one on one and discuss supporting one another as Power Partners.
  7. Ask the key question…What would you like me to tell people about you?
  8. Educate them on how to refer you, help them by providing the right words.
  9. Educate your clients, share your ideas on who they might need to work with next.
  10. Listen for opportunities to refer your Power Partners to others in your network.

Now copy this list and go find your Power Partners. Share this list with them and begin building your relationships and your business. Like all relationships, networking relationships take time to cultivate. Be patient and invest the time if you want the reward.

Join us this week on Live in 30! Thursday, at 3:30pm, as we dive a little deeper into educating your Power Partners. We’ll share more about building the kind of rapport with your Power Partners so that they can’t help but talk about you. We’ll also talk about the benefits of being the go to person when your clients need help.

At 30 Second Success we help clients develop their 30 second message for network and video. Sharing insights into business, networking, and who to connect with is a natural progression in the conversations we have with clients. If you need help identifying your ideal clients, crafting your 30 second message, or maximizing your networking consider one of our online courses.

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