Power Partners are an essential part of your network and growth for your business. Last week on the #30SecondsGo! blog and on Live in 30! On Facebook we talked about Power Partners, who they are and why we need them.

Power Partners are critical to growing your business when you understand how to work, or partner, with one another. They are the people who serve similar or the same clients as you and most likely don’t offer the same services you do and that is where the benefit of having Power Partners comes in.

In some cases, Power Partners may offer similar services, but you may offer a critical piece their clients need that they do not offer. You might also be a great partner to have if they have a heavy seasonal demand they are not staffed to handle and look for opportunities to outsource.

As mentioned in Part 1 Power Partners play a vital role in the success of your business through referrals. Finding these Power Partners really comes down to networking and building and nurturing your relationships. In today’s blog we will be addressing how to find your Power Partners and how to develop your relationship.

Finding your Power Partners is all about who you know. If you’re a natural networker, you probably already have several key people you rely on to help you with your business and refer your clients to for their services. If you aren’t a natural networker, that is easy enough to fix with a little practice.

Identify who your key Power Partners are and keep them in a business card holder for quick reference or to share with people you are meeting. This will make for easy access and remind you to refer to them often.

This is your team, your go to people for help, the people you trust to send your clients to and know that they will receive royal treatment because you sent them. Tell your Power Partners this, let them know what you expect, how you want them to treat your clients when you do refer them and your commitment to do the same for their clients.

Evaluate your Power Partners from time to time. Check with the clients you have sent their way. Make sure that your clients are happy, this is the best outcome you can expect. You want everyone to benefit from this experience so that referrals continue to happen in all directions, through your clients and your Power Partners.

Last week we discussed who your Power Partners are, this week we addressed how to find them. We’ll go a little deeper on this week’s Live in 30! Episode on Thursday at 3:30pm at http://Facebook.com/30SecondSuccess. Be sure to join us and bring your questions. Next week we will address how to develop your Power Partner relationships.

Understanding who your ideal clients are is the place to start. If you need help gaining a better perspective of who they are and how to find them, we can help. At 30 Second Success we have developed a series of online courses to help you find your ideal clients, craft your brand message, and maximize your networking.

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