I know, I know everyone keeps telling you to put down the phone, but this is one time I am going to tell you to pick up the phone. With the invention of the smartphone I believe the phone has gotten a bad rap. Many people consider phones to be nothing but a distraction with access to email, social media, and all the wonderful apps at our fingertips.

But I think it’s time we get back to basics and pick up the phone to use it for it’s original intention, to call and talk to people. After all, connecting starts with conversation. When was the last time you called someone just to chat or to follow up with someone you met recently?

Last week I met with someone new to my network. We had a great conversation during our time together, in fact when I left I felt like we weren’t quite finished talking. When I got home there was something I wanted to share with her, so I started a text…I stopped myself and just dialed the phone realizing a this was the continuation of the conversation I was looking for.

It turns out that she was feeling the same and was glad that I called. With that one phone call we made the deep connection I felt we hadn’t quite finished during our time together. A text would not have done that. I’m glad I called.

Often when coaching clients on follow up I hear “I sent an email.” or “I texted them.” but when I ask if they called, most of the time the answer is “No.” followed by an excuse or a sheepish look. There’s no reason not to pick up the phone (unless it’s midnight, then it might not be appreciated.)

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Calling people is refreshing in this busy fast paced world of ours. These days we are buried in email and texts aren’t easy to answer and sometimes forgotten. A phone call sets you apart, even if you need to leave a voicemail.

I was talking with a friend who told me she used to hate listening to her answering machine, but now she looks forward to it. Working from home she says she misses hearing other voices during the day, “Funny how much we’ve come full circle.” she laughs.

Let’s get back to talking. Connecting is about conversation. People need to hear from you, even when they aren’t there to answer the phone. Make it a challenge, find a simple reason to call 5 people a day. Do it for 30 days and track your outcome. At the end of 30 days, check your results on the number of conversations and call backs. More important, track your business results and tell me if you’ll continue to make those calls.

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