The next natural step from networking to connecting is one on one meetings. This is where the magic happens. This is where you begin to build your relationships with the people in your network. Here’s why one on one meetings work so well for building authentic, life sustaining, intentional connections:

  1. Know, Like and Trust

This is where you begin to build that know like and trust factor that is a key element to people wanting to share you and what you do with their network. When you sit one on one with people you have their undivided attention. This presents you with the opportunity to ask great questions and share more personal information with them than you would in a group. It gives you both the opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level.

You also have the opportunity to help the other person understand what you do and how to refer you. 2 of my favorite questions when closing out a meeting are:

  • Who would be a good referral for you?
  • What would you like me to say about you and your business?

By asking these questions you are essentially offering to help the other person grow their network through your connections. Be certain this is something you are willing and comfortable doing. If not or not yet, ask for another meeting to become more comfortable with the person and gain a better understanding of who they are.

  1. Inviting

Inviting people to meet one on one can be as simple as saying: “Let’s schedule a coffee meeting. I’d like to learn more about what you do and perhaps discuss some opportunities to collaborate.” (Note: Pull your calendar out right then and there and book it!)

You can also invite people via email. Be sure to remind them where you met and tell them why you’d like to meet. Here’s an example: Hi, Kathy, we recently met at the XYZ networking event. I’d like to continue our conversation over coffee. Perhaps we could meet in person or if you are limited for time we can make it a virtual coffee meeting via Here’s my calendar with both options. I am looking forward to connecting soon.”

Virtual coffee is a great option for a lot of people. You get to see people face to face, spend time together, and save on the travel time (and expense.) This allows for many more connections in a day as well.

  1. One on One Success

 A successful one on one is one in which both parties come away feeling good and feeling like they’ve been heard. Make them feel like they have a new friend. This can be accomplished by asking a lot of great questions about them and their business. Help them get comfortable by asking a lot of questions about them first, then move on to business. This will give you a better understanding of who they are and why they do what they do.

Take notes! Be intentionally listening for their answers and take notes about them that will trigger referral ideas, follow up questions, and possible collaborations later. Be sure to ask the questions mentioned earlier:

  • Who would be a good referral for you?
  • What would you like me to say about you and your business?
  1. Next Appointment

If you like them and see more opportunity to work together and to build a referral partnership, set the next appointment. Continue building that know, like, and trust factor. Invite them to another meeting. Travel together to networking events, get to know one another by spending time together. Be genuine.

One on one meetings are all about getting to know the people in your network and growing together. Remember to that networking at it’s core is all about serving others and your business will grow when you lead with a heart of service.

At 30 Second Success we help people grow their business through networking. Our core business is about helping you create that 30 second message that gets the attention of your audience, so you can then take it to the next step of building better connections. We offer coaching and online courses that help you become a better networker and build the connections that will help grow your business. Contact us today for a virtual coffee meeting, we’d love to know more about you and your business.

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