Can having a niche business earn you more money? This is a question I am asked often. Most people worry about creating a niche business and missing out. Clients want to know how to niche their business in a way that sets them apart, but they often wonder “Is it worth it?”

The answer, in a nutshell…YES.

When you create a niche for yourself you become known as the go to person in your field. People will begin to seek you out.

How to find your niche:

  1. Understand your ideal clients. Know who you serve.
  2. What is the need you fill for your clients? What gap do you fill that others don’t?
  3. Understand your market and the need for your services. Give the people what they want!
  4. Focus on what you love about your products and services. Do what you love!
  5. Focus on what you love about your favorite clients. Help who you love!

I know a V.A. that advertises that he works with coaches, a Social Media Consultant who blogs for lawyers, a Web Designer who works with Pharma, a Realtor who works with people who are downsizing, and a Financial Advisor who serves veterans. They all have amazing reputations for being good at what they do because they meet the needs of a specific clientele, their niche.

They all have plenty of work in a very specific area that they really enjoy and excel at because of their familiarity with the subject. Clients want to work with people who have a good understanding of what they do and how they work because it makes it easier on them and saves time.

These professionals who have created a niche for themselves are also open to working with other clients and receive plenty of requests to do so because they have built a reputation for offering quality work.

Just because you carve out a niche for yourself and set yourself apart as the expert, it doesn’t mean you have to stay there when other requests come, and they will. Your reputation will begin to attract other clients outside of your niche giving you the opportunity to choose who you want to work with. Now that’s exciting!

Bottom line, the more specific you are about who you serve and your niche the more business you will attract. So, go ahead and create your niche and watch your business grow.

At 30 Second Success we understand the power of creating a niche business, after all we created a niche business born out of a need in the networking community we serve, a need for helping people craft a clear, concise 30 second message that connects. As you know, we don’t stop there, but we do keep that as our focus when marketing to clients. For help narrowing your focus and finding your niche, schedule a strategy session today.

Wishing you much success,


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