“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Lovejoy Pierce

 It’s officially 2023 and we’re now in the throes of a brand-new year, one filled with possibility and opportunity!

Undoubtedly, you took time in the fourth quarter of 2022 to plan what you want your business – and life – to look like in this promising new year. You’re ready and eager to capitalize on the renewed excitement that January brings. It’s the proverbial clean slate where we can build upon everything that we created the year prior while also launching exciting new initiatives as the new year unfolds.

Here are three crucial questions around planning your business goals for you to consider:

  1. Do you have a vision board that inspires you and that you actively update based on your ever-changing goals?
  2. Do you know what direction you want your business to go in? 
  3. Even more crucially, WHY are your goals – and the direction you will take – important to you? 

It begs the question around how many people have goals for their business, yet they don’t fully know WHY they’ve even set these goals. They haven’t explored WHAT achieving these goals will mean for their business or their life.

Will achieving them give you the freedom you’re desperately looking for? Is it recognition that’s important to you? Will your goals give you a bigger voice so that you can change the world for the better?

When it comes to planning for the new year, many business owners will take the time to methodically carve out thorough plans to account for their business goals. These plans become the detailed blueprint for them to follow as their year progresses and by which they measure their achievements, as well as the direction for their critical next steps. 

Other business owners have a less formalized plan and a more general idea of what it is they want to achieve in the new year.

And still others have felt stretched thin and barely given any thought about what they truly want their year to look like, or what they want to accomplish in their business (or for themselves).

Allow me to really dig in for a moment here…

What do YOU really want your year to look like? I mean, REALLY look like?

Where are you RIGHT NOW in your business? And where will you be as the year continues to unfold? In essence, when the year starts, we all ride that energetic wave of excitement and renewal. We take action, our enthusiasm is super high, and we’re committed to the goals that we’ve set for ourselves.

But as the year progresses, say, three months in, how will you feel if you haven’t quite met all those incremental goals that you set for yourself? And what happens at the mid-year mark? Do you think to yourself, ‘Well, I’ve still got six months left to get it all done?’

When life happens and you’re pulled in countless directions in service of your business, you may lack the energy, time and/or focus to keep applying yourself to achieve your goals. Does that then mean that you’re killing yourself at the end of 2023 to get it ALL done while there’s still precious time left?

Or do you say to yourself, “I’ll just get it done next year” (while also secretly harboring some shame and regret for letting yourself down)?

Measuring our micro successes (even the tiniest of WINs) and then celebrating them, gives us the fuel to keep going. Revisiting our business goals (our blueprint) serves as our guidepost on our journey and provides us with clear direction for our next steps.

But without a game plan or recognizing our micro successes, we feel lost, frustrated, and fearful.

What if there’s a BETTER way that allows you to be in flow and harmony with the achievement of your goals? One that provides you with a steady flow of enthusiasm and energy to keep taking those all-important incremental steps in service of your goals. One where you feel empowered and EXCITED to keep moving forward?

Wherever you may personally find yourself in your business planning and goal setting for 2023, it’s not too late to create a detailed and actionable plan for yourself and your business.

I’m here to be the catalyst for change for you and your business. I’m here to help you build upon your successes and help you to dial up everything that’s working in your business, while also helping you create those vital components that you need for even greater success. And I’m ready to help you to strip away from everything that’s not serving you. 

Even if you’ve come into 2023 without having a clearly defined plan for yourself and your business, it’s not too late to be in creation of what your business needs. 

How amazing would it feel to:

  • Cut away the shame, the regret, and the frustration. 
  • Remove the worries of, ‘What if I don’t keep to my timeline? What if I feel overwhelmed and afraid? What if I don’t know what I’m doing and how to implement the change that I know my business needs?’ 
  • Stop falling back on the same old way of thinking, ‘I’ll just start next week/next month/next year’?

Start RIGHT NOW to begin implementing the change that you’ve been wanting to create for yourself. Need a coach in your corner? How about an accountability group that will help you define, implement, and celebrate your actionable goals? Here at 30 Second Success, we help you set strategic action-oriented goals focused on your future projections and celebrate wins with you along the way.

Let’s celebrate the new year by celebrating your SUCCESS. 

Schedule a discovery call TODAY.

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