Who inspires you? Who do you want to be like? Is there someone in your network that is the consummate connector, the person everyone gravitates to, someone that appears to genuinely like networking and is willing to help everyone they meet? You know the person I’m talking about, the person who makes everyone that walks in the door feel welcome and known.

Is this you? Is this who you want to be like? Then be that person! Be the one who inspires others to share more about themselves, who inspires others to make deeper connections, and shows up to warm inviting welcomes from people waiting to see your smiling face. If you want your network to grow, you need to nurture it.

Evaluate your networking to date from an inspirational perspective…

  • Is my network strong and growing?
  • Am I inviting people to join me at each meeting?
  • Do I know everyone in my network and how I can help them?
  • Am I connecting the people in my network by spending time with them?
  • Am I showing up with a friendly face and a warm smile?
  • Am I greeting people by their first name and with a warm welcome?
  • Am I greeting newcomers and making introductions?
  • Am I making other people feel like I want to feel?
  • What am I doing to inspire my network?

If your answer is “Yes!” then great! You’re doing a fine job. Notice I didn’t ask how your network is doing this, I asked how YOU are doing it. I did so to help you understand that your success truly depends on you and how you act or react to any and every situation. When you make a purposeful choice to be a positive inspiration within your network, it catches on.

If you are more of a wall flower that shows up as the meeting is starting, slinks away immediately after the meeting is over, and avoids all eye contact, it’s a good chance networking isn’t working for you and you might be ready to throw in the towel. Resistance is futile! If you want to network successfully, you need to participate and engage with a positive inspiring attitude or at least a warm welcoming smile and a friendly “Hello.”

What or who inspired you to go there in the first place? What are you hoping to get from your network? If all you are hoping to do is collect business cards and leave, there’s no point. Networking is about that, NET-WORK-ING! It’s takes work. It’s about connecting with people, building rapport, and serving others. The simplest way to do that is to inspire others to want to engage with you.

People are naturally attracted to friendly people. Be that person! Inspire people to want to get to know you. Plan to be more inspiring and experience the change you are looking for in your networking. Be the person everyone looks forward to seeing at every meeting and soon you’ll be leading others to do the same and your network will grow along with relationships and your business.

At 30 Second Success we help business owners, professionals, and sales teams with business and networking strategy and crafting your brand message that connects with your audience on drives more business to your door. If you’re struggling to find the words that describe your brand and want to make better connections, schedule a call today.

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