“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” – Alexander Graham Bell

I love this quote! I’m a firm believer that to have maximum productivity in business (and in life!), you need to know what it is you want to accomplish and then intentionally plan out how to achieve your goals.

To do this, planning and preparation are key.

Do you take the time to plan out your next month’s schedule, goals, and supporting tasks as your current month draws to a close?

If so, excellent! Keep up the great work!

If not, here are some key reasons why this end-of-month exercise is so incredibly valuable, both in the short-term as well as for your future:

–  It helps you stay on top of your goals, which also helps you avoid going on autopilot as the month progresses. When we’re intentional about the actions we take, we’re much more invested in what we’re doing and far more likely to see it through to completion.

– You’re able to truly see (and experience) what you’ve accomplished as you tick off each TO-DO on your task list. Having your tasks clearly mapped out each day means that you know exactly what you’re doing that day and what your priorities are.

– You’ll be able to accomplish your tasks from a place of ease and flow because you’ll know what you can realistically accomplish. This means maximizing your time, as well as not cramming too much into a single day.

– It gives you an aerial view of your month at a quick glance, so you know what to work on and when. This is especially beneficial when it comes to meetings, conferences, and events because you can then more seamlessly plan your tasks around those critical calendar events.

– Your daily to-do list will work in harmony with your larger goals and priorities. Together, this contributes to your overall vision and plans for the future of your business.

– It drastically reduces anxiety and stress because you know what to expect as the month progresses (while also lessening the likelihood of unwanted surprises because something was forgotten about). When tasks fall through the cracks, it has a serious impact on our mental well-being in faith in ourselves.

– You can politely decline anything that you know isn’t in alignment with your goals or that will take up valuable time that you cannot afford to lose. While it’s wonderful to commit to an invitation, saying “Yes” means that you’re also saying “No” to something else. And the things that you’re saying “No” to, could be the very things that will drive your business forward.

While in no means exhaustive, this list illustrates some of the many important reasons why it’s critical to give yourself the gift of time and planning for the month ahead.

In summary, planning means that there’s no more wondering if you’ve accomplished anything by the time the month ends. Stay on top of your game by taking the necessary time to plan out your month ahead in a detailed and thorough way.

Happy Planning!!

Kristy Crippen, Founder / Virtual Administrator @ Collaborative Partners Administrative Services, LLC

To learn more about Kristy and how she supports brilliantly creative business owners who want to get more done, visit collaborativepartnersadmin.com Be sure to download her FREE guide, How to Set Yourself Up for a Week of Productivity and Clarity, and schedule a call to learn more on her website.

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