Opportunities to connect are everywhere. Are you missing yours? One of the biggest missed opportunities to connect happens all the time. Are you guilty of not know or just not acting?

I’m talking about the opportunities right in front of you, right on your phone and your computer. You know what I am talking about half dozen or so requests that pop up in your email and every time you open any one of your social media apps.

How are you responding to those requests? Are you just clicking “ACCEPT”? Are you sending a quick message that says, “Thank you”?

How you respond makes all the difference in the world. I recently hit “ACCEPT” with someone who sent me a LinkedIn request to connect. By taking it one step further we were able to schedule a call and had an amazing conversation.

We discovered that we have a lot in common and can help one another with some crucial business connections. I was able to make a few key introductions that will help her serve her clients and she shared a few insights and contacts to organizations where I would like to be a featured Speaker about Connecting with Your 30 Second Message.

Win win, right? RIGHT! But this would not have happened if I had not taken the added step of sending a personal message to connect. That message was critical to a great connection that would not have happened otherwise.

We don’t network in the same area, in fact we don’t live or physically do business in the same area. Chance are that we might not have ever met if she hadn’t initiated the request to connect and if I had not follow through and invited her to have a conversation.

Here are some quick tips on how to connect through social:

This is a quick overview on how to use social media to make connections. We’ll be discussing this in more detail on the upcoming episode of Live in 30! on Facebook Live. Bring your questions and a pen. Be prepared for the tips that will be shared during this weekly episode on Thursday at 3:30pm EST.

Be sure to connect with me via LinkedIn to experience first hand what I send to my connections!

At 30 Second Success we help business owners, professionals, and sales teams develop their 30 second messages for networking and video. Showing people how to use networking as part of their marketing strategy and giving them the tools to make better connections is part of the coaching provided throughout the process and beyond. To learn more about our speaking, workshops, individual coaching and online courses visit us online or schedule a call today.


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