It truly does take a village! I can’t even begin to imagine where I would be without the help of my amazing team, my mastermind, and my tribe! They have supported me this year in growing both personally and professionally. As I reflect on the launch of my new website and prepare for the launch of my new programs, I have to say…they all had a hand in helping me re-birth my business.

Yes, launching a new website, just like a business, is like giving birth! Since 2015 when I launched 30 Second Success, I have been blessed to really experience the entrepreneur life first hand. I experienced all of the ups and downs and ins and outs. The personal frustrations that come with outgrowing what I thought was the bomb of all websites when I created it, has been the most painful.

After being in business a few short months, I quickly realized my website was not serving my audience as well as I would have liked. News flash! There were features and functions that just didn’t work the way I had wanted. There were things I thought it would “magically” do and it didn’t. There was so much more I wanted to offer to you and just couldn’t. The platform I had chosen had too many limitations and I just couldn’t get it to work well..

My biggest frustration was not being able to share my individual blogs on social media. There are over 90 blogs of helpful networking, branding, and business information on my site and I wasn’t able to easily share them with you to help grow your businesses. Ugh!

Worst of all, my “I’ll do it myself.” attitude kept me from doing what I should have done in the first place…hire an expert. (Raise your hand if you’ve had this attitude in your own business. It’s okay. I won’t judge!) Fast forward to 2017 and my mindset shift from 2016 finally gave me the personal freedom to say “I need help!” and to ACT on that by hiring someone.

But then the angst of hiring the “right” person started.

Good things come to those who connect! Yes, through networking I found all of the right people to help me make this dream of a new website a reality. It’s also the boost I needed to get my digital programs out there. Working on my website has been an amazing experience with all of the birthing pains and the exhilaration of the “It’s Here!” moment.

YES, (as I am sure you’ve seen on social media) It’s Finally Here! After months of working with my fabulous Website Designer, Lydia Grossov of, my website is finally working FOR YOU!  She is a saint for putting up with my crazy and I am happy to say she did an amazing job. I love my new website and am excited for all the people whose businesses I can help with my new tool!

The experience, while frustrating at time, was both exciting and liberating! I learned a lot about myself, I learned that perfection is never truly acquired and there are times when you have to accept that great is good enough. I learned to trust the experts but ultimately it’s my call. I also learned to trust my tribe, they’ve got my back!

Huge thanks to Lydia, gorgeous work my friend! Thanks for not firing me! To Steph Sides, Thanks for the plan and the awesome implementation of my launch! To Brenda Jankowski, for making me look and feel like a star in my own movie! For Jessica Buck, Kathy Marcino, James Lucas, Mari Carmen Pizzaro, Jen Phillips April, Mary Fran Bontempo, Jamie Broderick and so many others who support and inspire me every day! I count you all as blessings!

Now, if you haven’t already taken a peak at the all new, I hope you will take a few minutes to do so.  Specifically visit  (See I can lead you right there!) where you will find proven information about networking, branding, refining your message, building your own village, finding your ideal audience, and how to “Ditch the Pitch and Start Connecting!”


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