Justin Kendter assists people 65 and older with their Medicare needs and questions. This is a very niche focus in the insurance industry, yet a very necessary one. At 31 years old, most people wonder why Justin is focused on Medicare. When Justin was 21 he started to work with a Financial Advisor. Justin witnessed firsthand how the Advisor was able to help people experience financial freedom through planning.

One of the things Justin noticed as clients got closer to retirement age, they started to have a lot of questions about Medicare because they no longer would have insurance through their employers. He started hearing clients asking questions like “What about Medicare?” and “How can I start that process?”, unfortunately there wasn’t an option available to them at that time through the Advisor and they had to go elsewhere.

Justin got his life and health insurance license, to the surprise of the Financial Advisor, and then went into Medicare to help with that need. He has built his own business through connecting and marketing his services even as he continues to support the clients of the Financial Advisor.

My parents and my Uncle spent time with Justin recently and shared that Justin is a wealth of information. My parents have been retired for several years and my Uncle is getting ready for retirement. Justin was able to address the varying questions they had and has continued to keep in touch with them.

Justin focuses on educating his clients because there are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of life circumstances for each individual. Providing information to help them make the best decision for them is important especially as the insurance options change each year. Staying in touch with clients annually is part of how he serves his clients.

Justin does a lot of his marketing through mailers. He shares how this type of marketing has helped him grow his network. He finds that mailers help him reach out to individuals. When he connects with people by putting himself out there to his community, people find it easy to refer him. His business has grown substantially through referrals and that is a true testimony to the comfort level that Justin is able to provide through the information he delivers to the people he meets.

Sometimes mailers do well and sometimes it’s only one or two people that you connect with. But when you do your job well and you deliver good information, it grows into multiple people. Justin does not ask for referrals because of insurance regulations, he says, “If I do a good enough job, if I’ve helped them enough, then they’ll feel freely enough to speak about me.”

Justin and I met through LeTip of Doylestown. A recent member, Justin found that this group has a diverse number of business owners. He likes meeting members, learning about their work, and seeing how they present themselves. He mentions how he has had the opportunity to see their work ethic in the way they present themselves and how that corelates with their businesses.

He says LeTip has been great to connect with people, get to know them, and learn how he can help them. He sees the value in connecting with people, learning about their businesses and then being able to share them with his clients and other connections who might need their services. LeTip has shown Justin the power of networking and how it can expand his ability grow his business and continue to serve his clients with trusted referrals and service.

Networking is about supporting one another. Thinking about who you can help, how you can connect people in your network with clients and connections takes the focus off what you can get and more on who you can help.

Justin also connects with a group of people within his industry, learning from people who do the same or similar work, so that he can share more insights with his clients. Keeping up to date on what’s coming gives him the ability to pass that information on to his clients allowing them the opportunity to adapt and implement those new changes as they come.

Justin has mastered connecting with the most important people in his network, his clients. Understanding their needs and helping them understand the benefits available to them through Medicare makes Justin a trusted advisor and one they are willing to share with their friends, and it all starts at the mailbox.

Connect with Justin Kendter

Website: https://www.jwksolutions.com/

Email: Justin@jwksolutions.com

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