Judy Kane is a PSYCH-K® Facilitator and your partner in identifying and releasing subconscious beliefs that keep you or your clients stuck, repeating unhealthy patterns. The shifts clients experience results in finally achieving what you’ve longed to—with ease.

Judy does a lot of networking both face to face and virtually. We met recently through the Virtual Networkers Facebook group meeting. She says this is her favorite group and I can see why; I’ve met several amazing women from this group. It’s not every Friday morning you get to network with fabulous women from across the globe…oh, wait…yes we do!

Thinking that we were going to meeting for a one-to-one meeting to get to know each other, Judy agreed to join me on camera. She shares how I asked for help getting my interview series off the ground and that she jumped in without hesitation. That is what we do in networking groups, we help one another.

In 2014 Judy started her business in an area where she was well known, an area where she was well known in her community. Then in 2015 she moved to the Tampa area where the only person she knew was her daughter. She began to research and visiting networking groups in the area. As she began connecting with people, she began setting up one-to-one meetings.

One-to-ones were a way for her to get to know people better and to understand how to help one another in business. She made a lot of friends this way and her business began to grow as people got to know her work and how she helps clients.

A few years ago, Judy met Jill Celeste at one of the local networking meetings. Jill talked about her Virtual Networkers group and Judy saw this as a great opportunity to connect with people outside of her local area, in fact she now networks with women from around the world. She uses Zoom to connect for one-to-ones maintaining the importance of getting to know the people in your network.

Networking offers the ability to connect with people, especially when we move to an unfamiliar area. It’s not always easy to find a group that’s a good fit for you. Judy looks for groups that express interest in the type of work she does. She shares that some people look at her funny sometimes because they don’t understand what PSYCH-K is, how they respond helps her decide to invest her time or to look elsewhere.

Online networking gives us the ability to connect with a global community. Many organizations offer the opportunity to connect through their directories and their online chapters. When you have an opportunity to share what you do and you are not limited by borders or by a physical store front, virtual networking opens us up to connecting worldwide.

Judy loves to partner with coaches who understand that sometimes their clients get stuck and struggle with progress. She connects with coaches through her network and they collaborate with one another to help clients move forward and get unstuck. She is always interested in explaining the work she does, how she helps people, and the benefits of networking and collaboration.

Reaching out to people in your network, learning more about what they do, and staying connected is important. Judy uses networking and technology to stay connected. When someone comes to mind, she sends them a text message to connect or just check in. She purposes to follow coaches and clients on social media so she can support them. Judy values her network and makes a point to let them know by showing up for them whenever and wherever possible.

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