Joanna Chodorowska (HOTERASKA) is the founder and CEO of Nutrition in Motion – an intuitive nutrition and energy therapy coaching company. She inspires transformation by teaching you how to nourish your unique body, mind, and spirit with unconditional self-love. She helps you make healthy eating fun and invigorating so you love the skin and life you are in.

Joanna and I have networked together for several years with various organizations in our community. We believe that our connection deepened through the Women’s Business Forum where we were part of the leadership team. As mentioned in my book, 30 Second Success: Ditch the pitch and start connecting!, stepping into a position of leadership creates opportunity for you to connect with members on a deeper level.

Many organizations offer unique opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. Joanna recalls a mastermind group that was organized by a dear friend, Claire Kohler. Claire led us through a series of masterminds where we focused on the teachings of John Maxwell. Participating in these sessions together allowed us to get to know one another on a even more as we shared our thoughts and ideas in the safe environment that a mastermind provides.

Having enjoyed her time with WBF and several other organizations, Joanna decided to step into a leadership role and launch a chapter for another organization we belonged to, Professional Women’s Business Network, which has since joined with the Women’s Prosperity Network. Enjoying the educational component that a mastermind group has to offer and the topic discussions that inspire people to open up, Joanna is implementing this into her chapter.

Mastermind groups play an important role for many in the way of development. Finding the right people is a big part of it. People who understand who you are and as Joanna says, “don’t think you’re a complete lunatic.” It really is about finding people who are like-minded, who understand you and your business; people with the same or similar core values who are willing to support you in your growth and development with whatever challenges you are facing.

Joanna shared that as entrepreneurs it’s important to have a core group of people to rely on for support especially when you are a solo-preneur or a new start-up. These are the folks that can help you understand and design the growth model to approach your business with. They can also help connect you with the resources every entrepreneur needs when starting out.

As her business changes, so does her network. Joanna realized over time that her network is different. It’s really more about socializing with the athletes she serves. As they get to know her and her work, they understand the benefits of working with her. She feels that she learns more about herself from the women’s groups she has belonged to. It is a nice combination of giving and receiving, learning and growing.

Understanding how to serve your network, listening and being in tune with your network helps you understand more of what they need. This allows Joanna to identify speakers to bring to her chapter. Speakers are beneficial for members who want to learn and grow. As a leader, it’s important to listen for what people need. Joanna also looks for opportunities to elevate her members by allowing them the opportunity to present to the group.

Joanna has stepped up on several occasions to present. Helping people understand how to deal with stress and the simple changes we can make to alleviate that stress helps people understand her work and how she helps people with love, compassion, and understanding. She views speaking opportunities as another way to network and help her audience understand what she does and who she helps.

Another interesting approach Joanna has is centered around practice. She likes to visit different networking events to try out different messages and taglines. As an athlete she knows the importance of practice and pushing one’s self out of your comfort zone for self-improvement. Viewing networking as a way to gauge the responses she receives helps refine her message, helping her connect on a deeper level.

Looking for groups where people like you for who you are is extremely important to Joanna, she shares that people will like you if you show up as yourself. Being genuine and finding the people who are genuine is important. This is a key element when evaluating a group.

Personal interest is important, but we need to approach networking from a giving aspect. If they are not open to receiving what you have to offer it may not be the right audience. Being able to be discern that is important. Be purposeful about your goal for attending a networking meeting.

Know your intentions for visiting or joining a networking group. If your intention is to get business from people in the room, a referral networking group might work best for you; if you are looking for opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, a networking group with an educational component might work better. Either way, connecting with people who are genuine and building relationships should always be part of your goal.

Networking, accountability, and masterminds all play a major role in helping you grow both personally and professionally. Be open to visiting different groups and understanding what they have to offer. When you find a group of people that align with your intentions and your goals, spend time connecting and getting to know each of them. Learn how you can support them, collaborate with them, and help them meet their goals and they will do the same for you.

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