Jennifer Gardella, PhD is Your Social Media Expert. She offers clients a simple strategy that positions you as an expert and drives traffic to your goods and services so your phone rings off the hook. Dr. Gardella works with a select group of clients providing monthly blogging and social media support.

A sought-after speaker, Dr. Gardella is a blogger for the Huffington Post and a speaker at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia, an event that attracts thousands every year with tickets selling out within hours of opening. A recent Ted Talk presenter, Dr. Gardella earned her PhD in Educational Psychology from Rutgers University.

Jen and I first met through a local networking group, Network Now, during a social media presentation Jen was delivering at the Busy Bee Toy Shop in Pennington, NJ about 5 years ago. It’s amazing to look back over time to identify how you know the people in your network that you continue to connect with.

Networking plays a vital role in business both in-person and online. With a focus on growing and connecting online, Jen uses LinkedIn to connect and post helpful information for her audience. “LinkedIn is your ticket to freedom when it comes to building a business.” As we move forward, Jen believes the world is going to change. Jen has created “corona goals” for herself. One is 10,000 connections on LinkedIn, and another is 1,000 ideal clients that she is reaching out to regularly. These are companion goals that will help her build her network.

Jen gives credit to her LinkedIn profile for producing about 50% of her business over the past seven years. The rest of her clients come from a variety of places. Some from referral partners that she has met through networking, some who she has never met but they’ve crossed paths on client projects. In-person networking plays many roles in her business, because of the physical energy derived from meeting people in-person.

Jen has a couple significant referral partners. One, a website firm on the west coast, she met through a client project and after the job ended they stayed connected and continue their working relationship with other clients and projects. Another she met through someone else in her network, this person has referred her to some rather large clients. Sometimes a referral partner is someone who offers services at a similar price point and sometimes it’s someone who is at a much higher price point that isn’t a fit for the client’s budget and they will refer them to Jen.

Jen approaches networking with the mindset of how she can help people. The question isn’t “What can I sell you?” it’s “How can I help you?” A lot of connections have come from people who cannot afford her at all, by offering a free 30-minute call people get value and they get to know her. Jen is currently offering a free TELSUMMIT where she is giving away all the information. It’s a great way to connect with people. Jen shares that when you have a plan share every day on social media, there is something magical that happens within the systems that causes your content to rise to the top.

Jen offers some great insight into wading through the messages that are salesy. She shares her perspective on messages that are canned and obvious. She also shares her simple methodology behind the fact that people need to look interesting for her to accept connection requests or enter into a conversation.

The more you can help people by giving them the tactical, the more people are attracted to you and what you have to offer. This is a new outlook for Jen after working with several coaches over the past year. Approach life from “who can I help” and all the peace and security you need will come later. Jen sees this current situation as an opportunity to put this new approach into practice in a big way with her free TELESUMMIT.

The depth at which we are connecting is going to be so much more intentional when we come out of this current situation surrounding the pandemic. When people really see the caring and nurturing going on around them and they realize how much they miss being around other people, many business owners and professionals are going to approach business in a very different way. Yes, more people will be working from home, but more people will be looking for ways to create genuine connection.

Working from home does have challenges when your spouse works from home too. This is something Jen is very familiar with and the reason why she moved to a shared working space in her community. This move has been very beneficial for her. It offers a unique opportunity for meeting space, networking, connecting, and masterminding with other members.

Jen is currently working on several projects including her free TELESUMMIT. She is sharing a ton of information on social media about social media. Knowing that many people are making big shifts in their businesses, she is continually putting great tactical content out there to help people with their social media.

Here are some simple tips Jen shared on getting started with Social Media:

  • Know where your ideal clients are hanging out.
  • Commit 1-3 hours a day: Create 5-minute videos and blog posts following Jen’s plan in the TELESUMMIT. Set up your pages on Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Share something every day.
  • If your heart is in the right place you can’t go wrong. 3 days a week share your content (videos, blogs) and 2 days a week share the content of others so you don’t look like an advertisement.


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