Editor and Publisher, Deborah Kevin loves helping visionary entrepreneurs attract their ideal clients by tapping into and sharing their stories of healing and truth. She’s a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, Association of Writing Professionals, Association of Ghostwriters, Editorial Freelance Association, and the National Association of Memoir Writers.

Debby and I met through a mutual friend, Brenda Jankowski (our awesome photographer @Brenphotography). Brenda and I were together when I mentioned that I needed someone to take me from “I’m writing a book.” to “I’m published!” She told me she thought Debby Kevin would be the right person to help.

After our first initial conversation we new that Brenda was right, we were a great fit. I was immediately comfortable with Debby, the work that she does, and how she walks with you through the publishing process. I excitedly got to be her very first book with her new publishing company. I believe it was no coincidence that she was launching Highlander Press at the same time as my book launch.

Highlander Press has 4 books already published and 3 more in the works since January 2020. Plus, there are several more in conversation. Debby is planning to celebrate the success of her launch this fall and is thrilled to be helping so many amazing authors get their books published.

Taking her experience from helping people to self-publish to working with a publisher gives Debby the ability to work on a more intimate level with her clients. She truly does celebrate every little step along the way because the process is so very important.

The fact that Debby helped me work through the process is one of the things I share with my network. I meet so many amazing people who are writing or want to write a book, I can now share my experience with Debby, help them understand what I went through and how she helped me, and then offer them an introduction. I know without a doubt that Debby will treat them with the same love and respect.

Debby surprised me in our conversation and shared that several people on her team said something similar while working on my book, “This book changed my life.” This to me is the greatest gift and compliment that I could have received and I am so very grateful for Debby sharing this.

Following the thirty-second success formula Debby created this fabulous new message:

You have a story in your heart but wonder, “why would anyone want to read it?” Whether your story is a seed, a sapling, or an entire forest, Highlander Press guides you through the entire process of becoming a publisher author–something you only dreamed you become. Your book will change not only your life, but the lives of all your readers. Deborah Kevin, Chief Inspiration Officer, Highlander Press.

“When you can impact people who are in the process with you, that’s only a microcosm of the importance of what you are doing in the world.” – Debby Kevin

Debby brought a team of experts together to help me get my book published. I now consider them part of my team and my network. She shares that her team are all people she has connect with through her network. She recently invited me to a virtual networking meeting, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that several of the people who worked on my book were there. How exciting to see them all there!

 Debby shares a personal story about the first time she went to a networking event with high-level female executives. She shares that she felt a “masculine” energy that was overpowering. As an introvert she struggled with this powerful energy and felt that she was withdrawing.

A mentor of Debby’s recognized that she loves to entertain and connect with people. She suggested Debby go again, stand by the door and act as the hostess. Greet people as they come in and get a sense of their personalities in how they respond. Then purpose to connect during the meeting with a few select people and plan a follow up meeting. It’s the follow up meeting where you really get to know people. (Hmmm…wondering if her mentor is someone I know?)

The steps Debby’s mentor suggested are outlined in my book. This is a great way to connect with intention. Introverts network way more successfully than extroverts. Introverts are very specific:

  • They have a reason for going to the meeting
  • They are specific about who they want to get to know
  • They take the time to get to know those people

There’s a sense of security when you get to know the people in the room, and it helps you to open up more.

Debby shares her experience of being part of a referral-based networking group and a mistake she made early on. She touched on the importance of getting to know people in your group and how to refer them well. To do that, you need to get to know your network first. Don’t make the mistake of referring someone you don’t know. Remember, as I share in 30 Second Success: Ditch the pitch and start connecting, it’s your reputation on the line.

When a referral goes bad, Debby, a big believer in transparency and authenticity, will address the issue from a place of gratitude. She will let the person who gave her the referral know about the experience and what she learned from it. She believes that every experience is a lesson. She looks at it as an opportunity to help her network gain a deeper understanding of her work and who she serves by becoming clearer with her message and how she communicates it.

Currently, Debby is working on some of her own personal writings. She shares that she understands how hard it is for writers to carve out time for their own work. She has recently created “Write-In” sessions. These are weekly 2-hour sessions, once a week that allows writers to have the time for focused writing. The current schedule is posted in Debby’s Facebook page.

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