Award winning International Photographer Brenda Jankowski of brenPhotography is a Brand Photographer and Branding Mentor. She has been making women feel beautiful in front of the camera for over 15 years. Specializing in personal branding and contemporary fashion magazine inspired women’s portraiture, Brenda sees herself as an artist and a storyteller.

After years of working in corporate advertising Brenda now helps women entrepreneurs master their story and show up as the face of their brand. It is her mission to empower women to stop hiding and to start emerging as leaders with brand images that tell a unique story. She is a strong believer in getting out of your comfort zone, taking action, and implementing ideas all while feeling unapologetically beautiful.

Brenda’s portrait work earns merits annually in the International Portrait Masters Competition and has been seen on Fox 29 Good Day Philadelphia. Brenda has traveled throughout the United States and Europe to capture uniquely introspective images of family, friends, and clients and is currently working in a personal project called “Fabulous 50+” featuring 50 women over 50 which will culminate in a stunning gallery show later this year.

What led Brenda to her mission of empowering women through brand images is a personal experience. She describes herself as someone that does not want to get in front of the camera. Once she did it, it was such an empowering event that she feels that every woman needs to do it.

As women we have trouble doing thigs for ourselves that are a little out of our comfort zone. The way can rationalize it is by doing it for our businesses. Once you get started you figure out how empowering it is and you begin to figure out how you want to see yourself as you’ve never seen yourself.

Brenda and I met through our networking. We live in the same community and travel in the same circles, so meeting was inevitable. Brenda shares that we both have the same philosophy of relationship building so we were naturally drawn to one another before we even knew what we could do for one another professionally.

We’ve traveled together and I truly believe that your car should always carry more than one person to a networking event. I jokingly share my philosophy “what happens in the care doesn’t necessarily stay in the car”. When you get in these more casual situations you get to learn more about the people you connect with. Learning the background of people helps that relationship and the “know, like, and trust factor” everyone talks about.

Networking opportunities are a great way for Brenda to connect with other women, her ideal clients and referral partners. She likes to learn about people and their stories, that helps feed her natural curiosity and figure out who she can help and how

. Sometime Brenda finds that what she thinks you do is only a portion of what you do, or she may be completely off base, but getting to know people keeps life interesting. Networking helps her get to know you and who to connect you with.

Brenda has worked at getting to know people, meeting and getting to know them, and then figuring out who needs to be connected. She focuses on connecting people and being in complete service to others. She believes that delivering value and serving others, even if it’s by sharing her “marketing research nerd brain”, will lead to more opportunities not just for business but for connections and referrals.

Brenda explains what a “flat-lay” is and how you can use it for your business. She recently created some beautiful flat-lays she is giving away for her audience to use for marketing and branding your business. Flat-lays are a top down image that are branded for your business with your logos and colors that can be used with quotes, testimonials, and inspirational messages for a unique eye catching image that is associated with your brand.

Brenda shares a lot of great content, tips about photography and getting comfortable in front of the camera. Brenda uses social media well for connecting with her community. LinkedIn is a great way for her to connect with her network and because of the type of work she does, she loves to play with Instagram. Her use of hashtags like #Paris even attracts attention from people in other countries who like and follow her work.

Knowing where your audience is showing up is important to your online networking. Brenda enjoys connecting through Facebook groups, she purposes to stay relevant within the groups that she enjoys the most, sharing content, culling content, and commenting regularly. She brings a lot of her knowledge and addresses common questions and concerns in her group, It’s About Shining for the Inside.

With a unique perspective Brenda talks about her excitement for the changes that are happening and that are going to happen when we come through the social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. How she sees big changes happening in business, in networking, in family and in life.

Brenda’s current project, Fabulous 50+ is in full swing. It’s a movement that is happening in the photography community where women with amazing stories, who have been through a lifetime of changes are celebrated and empowered to see themselves in a beautiful way. Her calendar is booking up with women who are excited about feeling beautifully empowered with Brenda.

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