I interviewed the journalist! Recently I was asked to help a journalist with an article about networking for the special “Jobs Now” section of The Courier Times, The Intelligencer, & The Burlington County Times newspapers that ran last Sunday, March 20, 2016. Columnist, Erin McNelis had gotten my name from Joe Dunne, Executive Director of Bucks County Business Association. When Erin and I spoke on the phone initially we had a lovely conversation and I really enjoyed speaking with her and answering all of her questions. How I came to interview her happened after the call.

The following day I sent Erin an email thanking her for her time and the great conversation and offered to answer any additional questions she might have for her article. I also invited her to meet for coffee because I was interested in learning more about her and her work. She accepted the invitation.

At our meeting I asked Erin a lot of questions. I found out what her interests are, what she likes to write about, how she came about being a freelance journalist and what she likes about it, and several other things that might help me identify ways that I might be able to help her with future articles and research. I really enjoyed learning about Erin’s work and the things she likes to write about and know that some of my connections would be good sources for her work, so I offered to be a resource for her in the future.

A few days after our conversation I received a message from Erin who needed the name of someone who could help her and I was happy to connect her to someone I know. I am grateful for our conversation and that Erin felt comfortable enough to reach out after our meeting. I am looking forward to staying connected with her and being a resource for her as she looks for stories where we live. Building relationships and making a conscious decision to connect takes effort, interviewing the journalist is like interviewing a great referral partner. Ask lots of questions, find out what they like, find out what will help them, and be a great resource.

Read the article at here.


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