If you’ve ever wondered about investing in ads, this book is definitely worth the read.

On a recent Saturday morning I read The Intelligent Advertiser by Chris Evans and Taylor Walsh. I’ve had this book sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read for probably close to a year. In fact, it was on my nightstand for several months before managing to make its way onto my new nightstand when we moved back in July.

You know how it is, you buy a book with every intention of reading it right away and by the time it arrives you’ve moved on to something else. But then when you finally get to it, you wish you had read it sooner, like when you first bought it? Yeah, that’s this book!

What I learned from this brilliantly written little book is that there is a simple structure to advertising and that your content drives everything!

There’s an amazing, step by step, layout in this book helping us to understand that advertising doesn’t have to be scary, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it just needs to be consistent. Understanding who you’re marketing to and then getting creative in the content that you’re delivering consistently (3-5 times a week) is the foundation of successful advertising. Yes, there’s a bit of trial and error that needs to happen when you get started, but when thing clicks, it’s pure gold!

These guys do an excellent job of explaining how a funnel works, and the brilliance behind your funnel. They lay out a simple structure to connect with your cold market in order to turn them into your warm market and then turn them into your hot market, your raving clients, the people who love you and tell everyone about you!

Chris and Taylor brilliantly explain the importance of investing in your advertising along with some excellent formulas for measuring and adjusting. Just the sheer idea of looking at this as an investment is brilliant! I love how they explain how to get your initial advertising investment back out and how to start multiplying your advertising dollars quickly with the returns you generate. This is a simple but detailed book. A lot of great stuff to soak up and reread. And it’s a quick read: I read all 69 pages in just a few hours and plan to read it again.

Chris and Taylor have a Facebook group: TrafficandFunnels

Great job guys, I really appreciate this wonderful little book. Looking forward to putting it into practice for 30 Second Success! I highly recommend The Intelligent Advertiser.

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