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As many of you know from my last blog post, my recent guest appearance on Blab with Jamie Broderick of Network Now did not go so well. Jamie did a great job getting the message out there for me via my typed in answers but I thought I’d give you some of the highlights I was hoping to share. I’ll answer some of Jamie’s questions in a little more detail for you:

Jamie: Why do you sponsor Network Now events?

Me: Network Now offers sponsors excellent benefits for sponsor for a relatively low investment. Between publicity on twitter and Facebook, shout outs to your members, my logo on your website, personal contact with the speakers, and access to media and shout outs at the events I feel that you go above and beyond to show your sponsors how much you appreciate their support. Sponsoring events is a part of my marketing strategy because it helps me promote my company and increase brand recognition among my target audience. When you show up on a consistent basis with a particular group people recognize you as THAT person.

Jamie: Have you sponsored events for other organizations and how do you evaluate them?

Me: I have sponsored other events and am always looking for opportunities. It is very important to understand the number of people that will be attending and the amount of publicity you will receive leading up to the event to maximize your investment. Understand what you will get and what you are expected to do. Ask other vendors who have done the event in the past about the audience and the organizer. Evaluate if the ROI is worth your time and effort and be sure to include the cost of materials and your display when evaluating the cost and potential return.

Jamie: Any suggestions on a call to action?

Me: A call to action is important especially if it is an event attendee only promotion. I often offer a 24-48 hour combo package at a special rate. Jamie mentioned Sue Guiher’s bonus sheet, a package including special one day only price with lots of extra bonuses. This is a great idea! Give them more than what they would receive otherwise. Another great tip was Mari Carmen Pizzaro’s promotion for the first 10 to sign up at a special rate for her program. I actually teach clients that a call to action is an essential part of your 30 second commercial so why not have one for an event too!

Jamie: How does publicity play into sponsorship?

Me: Shout outs, sharing, tagging, and likes online are free publicity so why wouldn’t you do it? If you are part of an event, if your photo shows up from an event, why not use it to promote that you were there!! Share your photos, announce the events you are participating in, help the promoter promote you by sharing their stuff, the recognition you receive for doing so is an added bonus.

Pitch to TV and radio, submit articles to online publications and the local newspapers, blog about your experiences online and offline and be sure to mention names and tag people. When people see you sharing you start getting more requests to participate in events you might not have even known about.


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