National Small Business Week, what exactly does that mean? During National Small Business Week, the U.S. Small Business Administration shines a spotlight on our nation’s 30 million small businesses. Through community events across the country and online, the U.S. Small Business Administration, honors entrepreneurs whose achievements over the past year stand out.

In my opinion, National Small Business Week should be celebrated every week. Small business owners are the backbone of our communities. We work hard to succeed, to grow, and to inspire others to jump into the small business arena. We support one another and help each other when times get tough. The SBA and SCORE offer great services to help small businesses get off on the right foot when starting and growing, and small business owners help one another too.

I am encouraged by other business owners who understand what I am experiencing and help me connect with the right support and the right clients. Business owners want other business owners to succeed.

What is it you need help with? Who do you need an introduction to? What’s one thing I can do to help you grow your business? All great questions to ask another small business owner this week as we celebrate National Small Business Week and every other chance we get.

How may I help you? At 30 Second Success we focus on helping people become great connectors with the right message for their audience. We work on strategy for your business and connect you with the right people to help you move your business forward. Looking for an introduction? we’d love to help. Contact us!

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