Never have I met a more focused group of people who want to succeed and are willing to help others than people who like to network. Yes, you need to like people to become a great networker. Yes, you need to be willing to give good referrals to get good referrals. Yes, it takes time to build a strong solid network. And yes, all of these give you a leg up on your competition. Here are 3 tips to help you become a great connector.

Networking is a process, it is a process of developing the skills you need to connect with people on a more personal level than you may have thought necessary. You see, we all need people to help us become more skilled at finding and connecting with the right people in order to experience the momentum we need to increase our success exponentially. People know people! In networking you might not meet the exact right person to help you build your business but when you take the time to get to know the people you do meet and educate them about what you do they might know the exact right person to connect you with and connecting is key.

Take time to make great connections. Find a group that works for you, take time to look around and visit a several groups before joining one specific group and make sure there are enough people in the group or organization to make it worth your time and effort. Go and go often, become a familiar face and introduce yourself to as many people as possible and be the friendly face in the crowd. Make connections outside of the group and really get to know the members. Ask questions about what they do and how you can help them find good business partners for them. You must be interested in them before they will take an interest in you.

Connecting people with people, building a great referral network is extremely valuable and should be a priority in business. Make yourself the go to person when someone is looking for a referral and everyone will know your name. Pretty soon when someone asks for your services, yours will be the name that comes to mind even if they know 5 other people who offer the same services because you stand out as someone who cares, is dependable, and will take care of the people they send your way. Be a connector, help people in your network find the people they need. Connecting is key and connecting the right people takes time, but the dividends will multiply when you stick with it.

Learn to network, if you don’t like people learn to. Make great connections, get to know the people you network with. Be a connector, be known as the person who knows people. The fastest way to grow your business and the best way to get a leg up on your competition is through networking and the referrals that being a great connector can bring, besides its fun and you get to meet some really great people!


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