Unlocking the Power of Funnels: Your Path to Online Success

You may have heard that the key to getting ahead in online business is to stop trading your time for money. Many of us quit traditional jobs to give us more freedom and to blow the lid off what income and impact is possible. Despite that, it’s easy to get trapped doing the same manual tasks over and over, trying to remember to send emails or onboarding surveys, keeping track in our heads of where leads are at in the process (or not having a process at all!)
You can free up that mental energy with systems like a funnel, which is a happy little machine built into your website that acts like a VA who never sleeps (and never forgets anyone!). The beauty of the funnel is that you can curate a perfect path for a lead to go from stranger to asking to work with you and then let it run in the background without having to think about it and it is infinitely scalable. You get to focus on delivering for your clients and your funnel warms up your leads and helps them understand what you do and why you are the person to work with.
A good funnel is like a garden path that guides people to your digital doorstep in a natural flow that leaves them feeling cared for. To set one up you want to think about your ideal client’s journey and how you can build each of those steps into a path. Where do you meet people? What do they need to know about your business to take the next step? What is the next step? Work backwards from where you want your leads to end up and plan out each touch point they need. 
For example you might offer a free exercise that will help them to be ready to work with you. Once they opt-in with their email address you offer a workbook to go with it. Then they get it in their email. Over the next few days you send a series of emails that guides them from the free exercise, teaches them about the next pieces they need, and then asks if they want to get on a discovery call and provides a link to schedule.
Once you have that set up you just have to do two things: answer the calls (where your prospects will already know a lot about you and what you do), and bring people to your freebie/opt-in (the “top of funnel” link). That’s called traffic and there’s even more systems and plans you can make to bring in the traffic that will feed your funnel and deliver you hot leads on the other end.
To learn about the four types of website traffic and get ideas for how to use all of them, you can download my free guide: 20 Ways To Bring People To Your Funnel (Most Of Them Free) at https://www.financiallyfreeauthor.com/freeguide

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