On the fourth of July we reflect on the founding fathers and the freedom they risked their lives to give to us. As we celebrate and take time for friends and family let’s not forget that our fore fathers and mothers were very industrious men and women who worked hard day after day to build a foundation for our future, a future we hold dear, a future where fame, fortune, and freedom still come with a price.

Hold on here…Okay, I started writing this cheesey message and now find myself wondering why? Let’s talk about something a little more up to date.

Are you living into your positive energy? Sounds even cheesier, right? This time last year I probably would have agreed but I recently found myself in a really great place in my life. I was positive, happy, moving forward and feeling like I could take on the whole world. My attitude was awesome and I felt really in tune with my purpose and direction. Then…crash. Something happened that derailed me.

I have to admit that I have recently started paying more attention to this positive energy flow and how I feel when I am really in tune with it. Things are going really well, I’m connecting with really great people, there’s lots of good things happening with my business and life in general and I feel really alive. I find myself spending more time in quiet reflection and awareness of the direction before me.

Having spent more time being in tune with my positive energy and focused on the road before me, it doesn’t seem to take as long to recover from those times when something happens to derail or distract me. I am able to take care of the distractions and then refocus on the positive more quickly with purpose and determination.

I attribute this newness of purpose and positivity to the amazing people I find myself surrounded by these days and the time I spend alone with my favorite Book every morning. Starting the day with gratitude really helps one focus on the things and the people that matter most. Surrounding yourself with positive encouraging people really lifts you to where you want to be an inspiration to others. It creates an innate desire to want to serve others.

Tune in to your positive energy. Feel it. Live in to it. Let it guide you as you go about your day. When you start to feel negative energy start to creep in, identify what it is that is causing those feeling and deal with them or let them go so you can get back to your positive self as quickly as possible. The more you do, the easier it gets and the more exciting life becomes.


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