Foul is a four letter word too, think before dropping the “F” bomb!

The “F” Bomb is a four letter word and it is foul, a four letter word too. What ever happened to professionalism in speaking? I recently attended two different business presentations where the speakers had absolutely no problem using foul language and I’ve noticed more people allowing it to sneak into their social media videos as well.

I’m sorry, call me old fashion, but I truly don’t think this is appropriate or professional. I know there are other people that feel the same way. What’s really sad is that people like me will only remember the foul language, not the message.

Think of your audience. Who are they? How are they going to receive your message? Will you alienate any potential clients or referral partners for the sake of a few dirty words? They are called dirty words for a reason, that’s how they leave the hearer feeling if they are not comfortable with them.

This goes for your one on one meetings as well, especially the first time you meet someone. Be sensitive to the people you meet with. I once met a gentleman for the very first time and the longer we spoke the worse he got. I excused myself and promptly dropped his business card in a nearby trash can.

Think about that for a minute. I was originally considering introducing this man whom I had just met for the very first time to my husband because we were looking for an advisor at the time. My parents were also looking. He not only lost me as a client but he also lost my parents and sadly he may never know why. All because of the “F” bomb.

Foul is a four letter word too. Foul language just doesn’t belong. If you are or if you desire to make a big impact on the world and unless you are a comedian, you might want to consider this the next time you speak. What do you want to be remembered for, your language or your message?

You have something amazing to share with the world, I certainly hope it is your message.

Wishing you much success,



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