One of the best ways to get noticed at networking events is really simple, arrive first leave last to leave. People love to see a friendly face when they arrive, so make a point to arrive early and be the first friendly face they see. Staying until last allows other people to stop and speak with you before they leave the event and will be the last memory from the event they will take with them. Engaging in meaningful conversations help you become memorable, but thanking people for attending and telling them how nice it was to meet them is just as memorable. Here are a few more suggestions for success in networking:

  • Be friendly and inviting.
  • Introduce people new to the group to other members.
  • Invite others, especially new people to sit with you.
  • Make conversation with the people around you during open networking time.
  • Invite other people into your conversations.
  • Connect people to others in the group and outside.
  • Learn more about the people in the group by asking great questions.
  • Make it all about them.
  • Be proactive in inviting people.
  • Help grow the networking organizations.

Getting actively involved in the group by participating regularly and helping it grow really shows your commitment which translates to just how much you care. By helping build the organization you are supporting the other members in a way that inspires growth and inspires other people to want to help the organization grow as well which benefits everyone.

Get involved, commit to being a part of something bigger than yourself. Choose to be the first to show up and the last to leave, be the first and last friendly face everyone remembers.


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