People often ask me about where I network and I love sharing, but a lot of people that I know aren’t in the same area as I am or may need to network with different people than I do. One of the things I help my clients identify is where their potential clients are networking. If you are looking to connect with new people in the city, you wouldn’t necessarily network in the suburbs to do so. Likewise, if you were looking to connect with corporate executives you wouldn’t necessarily network with a room full of shoe salesman.

Here are some ways to find where your potential clients are networking:

  1. Ask your business associates where they network and what the demographics of each group is.
  2. Look to some networking organizations that are nationally known. Before visiting a chapter check their member directory to get a good idea of who may be a good connection for you.
  3. Search for groups online ( is a great place to look), on social media, and in your local community.
  4. Start with the basics: chambers, local business associations, and local chapters of national organizations.
  5. Visit several groups several times before deciding where to spend your time. Ask people at those meetings where else they like to network.
  6. If you can’t find one you like, start one.

Take time to get to know people within a group. Learn as much as you can about the groups you are interested in before joining and once you decide to join make it a commitment to show up at every meeting for the coming year. It takes time for the people in the group to get to know you and likewise for you to become familiar with how the group works and who your good referral partners are.

If you live and network in South Eastern PA, I’d be happy to introduce you to my networking. Visit 30 Second Success and request a copy of my current networking list.


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