When networking it’s really important to learn who your power partners are. Power partners is a relatively new term to me that I’ve started hearing in the past few months. When I first heard it I wasn’t sure exactly what it meant. It’s about building relationships with key people within your network. Power partners are people who are more than just good referral partners. These are the people who have common clients. Often they hear of opportunities that would be great for you and you can do the same as you work with your clients for them.

I currently have a list of about 12 power partners that I keep with me. I network with a lot of people but connect more regularly with people who do marketing, photography, videography, graphic design, social media, etc. because all of my clients would most likely need their services at some point, even a business coach that works on a different focus with clients would be really great power partners for me. Thinking on an even broader scale, the business class internet service provider, wireless phone service provider, and commercial realtor would a would be really great referral partners because they are connecting with business owners that need to get their message out.

It is key to develop these power partnerships in order to help increase your business growth. What I mean by developing these partnerships is just sitting down and really getting to know one another and how to refer each other. Ask questions like “What type of business would be a great referral for you?”, “Who would be a good referral for you?”, and “How should I refer you”?” Be specific, ask “What do you want me to say about your business?” and “What is the best way to send you those connections, voice, email, or text?” Have a set of questions written down and take notes.

Then start listening for opportunities when you are in front of clients. When you do you begin to hear a pain that they’re dealing with and pretty soon you’re connecting them with your power partners. Clients share things, it’s a fact of business especially if you are really personable and good at what you do. They share those pains that they’re having in their businesses because it’s all part of growth and they’re reaching out to you as a trusted advisor because they know like and trust you. They trust that you may know somebody that can help them with other issues that they’re dealing with in their business. Become a reliable source for your clients.

Your power partners become just that, partners, an extension of your business. As you develop your partnerships with your clients these power partners help to strengthen those relationships and grow your business. Consider your networking, identify key power partners and really connect with them get to know who they are how they serve their clients and then how you can refer them and ask them to do the same for you. Be willing to share your connections with clients and enjoy the same from your power partners.

If you’d like help identifying who your power partners may be, email info@30secondsuccess.com


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