Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get–only with what you are expecting to give-which is everything. – Katharine Hepburn 

February is the month that celebrates and honors love. I love February because not only do we celebrate Valentine’s Day (one of my favorite holidays), but my husband and I celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. I’m thrilled to share that this year marks thirty-five years of falling deeper in love with the man who literally knocked me off my feet (true story and very funny) almost forty years ago! 

 Falling in love – whether with another person, a place, an idea, with your business – requires allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. To do so, we tap into our emotional side and give permission for others to see us for who we truly are. And for many, this can bring up feelings of discomfort. Perhaps even to the point of viewing vulnerability as a weakness.

 And yet, vulnerability is the EXACT opposite of weakness. 

To be vulnerable means being in alignment with our deepest feelings and emotions. It’s an act of bravery and inspiration, not only for ourselves but for others. Click To Tweet

How we communicate with the world transcends even higher levels when we communicate with HEART. It’s truly one of the most effective ways to communicate with our audience. When we share from a place of vulnerability and total openness, our audience feels that openness and transparency. They feel our heart energy and they feel emotionally connected to us. It creates the opportunity for them to view us from a place of familiarity and trust.

When speaking to our audience, one of our overriding goals is to talk about how we can help them solve their pain and/or problem. We let them know what it would be like to work with us and, as a result, how they will feel when that pain and/or problem is no longer a factor. We present our knowledge to the world with the desire of offering value all while communicating with compassion. 

It’s imperative that we know how to effectively and compassionately communicate with our audience.

Communicating with HEART allows us to fully be in a place of honesty and transparency. It’s about offering support and encouragement, letting our human side show through and expressing a deep understanding of the emotional drivers our audiences face and fear, and presenting ourselves intentionally and caring deeply about how others receive our messaging.

Having the self-awareness to think about how you’re communicating your message is vital. 

Here are some key considerations for you to think about in relation to your communications:

  •     What are you actively doing to have your audience feel fully connected to you?
  •     How do you communicate your unique message to your audience and let them know that you understand their specific pain and/or problem?
  •     How does your audience feel after they read your content?
  •     When you communicate with your audience, what emotional drivers are you tapping into as you create your content?
  •     Do people truly know the value of who YOU are and what it is you offer?

As a speaker, helping my audience communicate effectively with HEART is at the very heart of what I TEACH: Guiding audience members to embrace their inner vulnerability so they learn to come from a place of love and compassion, to tap into who we are and how we serve others. When we lead with love, it shows up in our daily lives and in the actions that we take. We’re all called to have a heart of service, to come from a place of love and compassion, how we show up in this world speaks to the hearts of the people we are meant to serve. 

If you’d like to learn more about my work and how I can help you step into a deeper relationship with your work and your clients, schedule a call today and be sure to click this link and download a free sample of my book, 30 Second Success: Ditch the Pitch and Start Connecting. Let’s explore together what it means to communicate with your audience confidently, authentically, and with HEART.

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